Shawn Fetter is a Wealth Services Coordinator at Alitis and Emily Hofmann is a Portfolio Manager!

Shawn Fetter is a Wealth Services Coordinator at Alitis and Emily Hofmann is a Portfolio Manager!

There’s more to business than business: it’s people that make the company!

While the investment world can be tricky to navigate, the right help makes it a whole lot easier.

At Alitis Investment Counsel, for example, a one-of-a-kind investing experience features a team of passionate professionals who guide clients through alternative investment strategies, bringing solid performance while reducing risk.

It is, after all, the people who really make the company.

Emily Hofman, Portfolio Manager at Alitis, pursued a career in finance after a teacher shared his own passion for the field. “It appealed to me because there’s a creative aspect that accompanies investment management – there’s no one right answer and it is not so clear,” Emily explains.

For Shawn Fetter, Wealth Services Coordinator at Alitis, the possibility of helping people led to his career choice. “My mother lost her mom really young and was thrust into a maternal role at only 13, taking care of her six younger siblings. I believe investment management can help people avoid financial pitfalls in life, so it really resonated with me. It’s formed the basis for risk management and financial planning components of the work I do today,” he reflects.

Joining Alitis Investment Counsel

The decision to join the team at Alitis was easy for both Emily and Shawn.

“It’s harder to find independently owned investment counsels, and this really appealed to me because there would be more flexibility in the work – there isn’t a really strict corporate model that we have to adhere to,” Emily explains.

“Teamwork is also a huge part of our work. Finance is complicated, and I don’t feel any one advisor has all the answers. We work together as a team to provide the best service to our clients”

Being able to discuss new approaches with team members and turn around new ideas fuels creativity and innovation, Shawn adds. “At Alitis, if I don’t have an answer or I’m dealing with something that isn’t my area of expertise, I can call on a coworker.” With the level of experience and education within the team the Alitis team this collaboration has been very effective. Specifically, as a team Alitis has 5 Portfolio Managers and 3 Associate Portfolio Managers of which 6 hold the CFP designation, 4 are CFA charterholders and 4 hold the CIM designation each individual has unique experience.

Emily, who moved to Courtenay in 2012, says that joining Alitis has allowed her to grow professionally as the firm evolves.

Also, a Courtenay resident since 2013, Shawn finds the work-life balance at Alitis appealing.

Backed by values of integrity, community and innovation, with employees in different phases of their career, the team taps into the experiences of each other. “We’re all students of the industry and the mentorship at Alitis allows us to constantly grow,” notes Shawn.

The team’s synergy and mutual support, spills over to clients – in fact, most staff know each other’s clients by their first name.

To meet the incredible team at Alitis Investment Council and see for yourself the passion and dedication they apply for their clients, visit online or call 250-287-4933 to book an appointment. You can sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest happenings.

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