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When it comes to family finances, the more your portfolio manager knows, the better

Building integrity and a client-first culture takes work, but it’s well worth doing
L-R Associate Portfolio Manager, Apurva Parashar, Associate Portfolio Manager Shawn Fetter, Portfolio Manager Emily Hofmann. Alitis Investment Counsel recently hosted a client appreciation event in Campbell River.

Every family’s financial journey is unique, shaped by differing goals, aspirations, and circumstances. Alitis believes it is paramount to take the time to listen, learn, and ask the right questions to garner a comprehensive understanding of each client’s financial landscape. With this knowledge, they can help you navigate the complexities of your financial journey, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

“We see our client relationships a little more like that of a family office. It’s a continuous relationship, not just a single-use or drop-in service,” says Todd Blaseckie, CEO and Portfolio Manager at Alitis Investment Counsel.

In fact, Portfolio Managers at Alitis often have the pleasure of working with multiple generations of a family. It may have started with grandparents at retirement age who connected their kids with Alitis as part of their estate planning. As the grandkids grow, Alitis may help them invest retirement savings or start growing the downpayment for a house. Add in contributions to the great-grandkids’ RESPs, and sometimes Alitis is helping four generations in the same family.

“It is a business, but the relationship between the client and the portfolio manager isn’t merely transactional. It’s more of a team environment, where the client, the portfolio manager and other professionals from Alitis bring different areas of expertise to achieve the same goal,” says Aaron Robertson, Portfolio Manager and Head of Private Client. “The client brings their life experience, their challenges and their dreams for the future — the more the portfolio manager knows about their client, the better job we can do.”

Integrity, people, community

Relationship building happens in every client meeting, but Alitis Investment Counsel was also thrilled to host a client appreciation event in Campbell River’s Dick Murphy Park this June, where everyone had the opportunity to catch up outside the office.

“It was the first time in a long time that we were able to show our appreciation and visit in person. I think most wealth management companies talk about customer service, but this is the first place I’ve seen that genuinely puts the client first,” Robertson says.

Those who work with Alitis quickly appreciate the integrity and people-first approach from all staff members. From emails to water cooler chats to meetings with clients, those values stay consistent.

“Culture is something we literally work on every day. It is work, but we live and breathe it because we believe it’s that important,” Blaseckie says. “I think we all have good intentions, and having clear company values keeps everyone moving in the same direction.”

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