Chamber using social media to encourage voting

  • Nov. 3, 2014 7:00 p.m.




The Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce has rolled out a social media plan to encourage the Comox Valley to get out and vote in the upcoming provincial election.

In the last municipal election, less than 28.9 per cent of eligible voters in Courtenay, 40 per cent in Comox and 46.5 per cent in Cumberland went to the polls.

“In the last provincial election, almost 1.6 million eligible voters did not give themselves the chance to have a voice – that is significant,” explains Dianne Hawkins, Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce president and CEO.

The CVCC’s sole purpose in this campaign is focused on getting more voters to the polls. The plan invites all citizens of the Comox Valley to participate and involves all of the chamber’s social media platforms:


• Every citizen is invited to change their profile picture to the chamber’s “VOTE” icon, downloadable from or request from

•  The icon “Make your government work for you” is to be displayed from November 1st to 15th

•  Post the fact that you are going to vote and invite all your friends to do so

•  Announce when you have voted on your personal Facebook page or by posting a selfie with the “I Voted” sticker received after voting


•  Change your profile picture to the chamber’s “VOTE” icon from November 1st to 15th

•  Tweet an invitation to vote to all your followers

•  Tweet when you have voted

•  Tweet and ask everyone else to vote too

•  Use hashtags to encourage conversation:

– #IVoteNov15

– #comoxvalleyvotes

– #IVoted


•  Use the chamber’s “VOTE” icon in your email signature from November 1st to 15th

•  Send emails to your contact lists to encourage them to use their voice and vote


•  Add the chamber’s “VOTE” icon to your home page and invite everyone to get out and vote


•  Link the icon to