Christmas comes early with hot soup, warm clothing at Courtenay church

Those in need Thursday could warm up with a bowl of hot soup at St. George's United Church along with something to keep them warm.



Those in need Thursday had the opportunity to warm up with a bowl of hot soup at St. George’s United Church along with an item to keep them warm way past the lunchtime hours.

Thanks to Rebecca Nelson and her fellow employees at Torry and Sons Plumbing & Heating, coats, jackets, sweaters, pants, gloves, hats and more were handed out during the lunch.

Nelson said she wanted to do more this holiday season, and collected clothing donations from co-workers, friends, family and community members.

“I’ve been helped out in the past and it’s something I really want to do,” explained Nelson.

In it’s first year, Nelson said the company collected 12 large boxes full of warm clothing, and said next year she hopes to start collecting earlier in the year.

“I put a poster in our Nanaimo branch and had items sent up here. We even had a lady go out and purchase packages of gloves,” she noted. “It’s amazing how people came together and added to what we’re doing already.”

She said the company also works to support a family through the Salvation Army and collects food for the Comox Valley Food Bank.

Nelson said she is grateful to the company for allowing her to co-ordinate the drive, and is looking forward to ensuring next year’s drive collects even more warm weather clothes for those in need.