Comox Valley Airport named Safe Harbour Champion

The Comox Valley Airport has been named the 2011 BC Safe Harbour Champion for promoting diversity and inclusion.

The Comox Valley Airport has been named the 2011 BC Safe Harbour Champion for its leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion.

YQQ is the first airport in Canada to become an accredited Safe Harbour facility.

“We are so pleased to recognize YQQ for its leadership and commitment to taking a stand against discrimination in the workplace,” said Safe Harbour provincial program co-ordinator Lindsay Marsh. “Since becoming a certified Safe Harbour location, YQQ has consistently demonstrated its dedication to serving customers, clients, staff and volunteers with an understanding of their diverse and unique needs. The airport has actively taken steps to further the vision of Safe Harbour and the concept of inclusion within the terminal building and in the community.”

The 2011 BC Safe Harbour Champion Award will be presented to YQQ on Nov. 1 at the third annual BC Safe Harbour Champion’s Breakfast in Vancouver. Representatives from numerous Safe Harbour-certified locations, as well as community leaders, business representatives, government officials and elected leaders will be in attendance at the ceremony.

“The Comox Valley Airport is honoured to accept this award that represents our commitment to promoting the Safe Harbour principles within our airport and the community,” said YQQ CEO Shirley de Silva. “We are proud to offer an inclusive workplace, where employees, customers and passengers know that they will be respected and safe from discrimination.”

YQQ will be donating its travel and accommodation credit to runner up Cook Street Village to allow its representatives to attend the awards breakfast. Cook Street Village is a non-profit agency dedicated to social justice and is located in Victoria.

There are currently more than 1,000 Safe Harbour-certified locations in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba and Newfoundland, co-ordinated by AMSSA (, a province-wide association that facilitates collaborative leadership, knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement to support member agencies that serve immigrants and build culturally inclusive communities.

The Safe Harbour project is made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

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