Courtenay council approves raise for Mayor Jangula

  • Mar. 22, 2017 6:00 p.m.

Scott Stanfield

Due to a perceived conflict of interest, Courtenay Mayor Larry Jangula excused himself from the table Monday as his council colleagues deliberated about increasing his renumeration.

The six councillors unanimously agreed to bump Jangula’s pay by $9,377 a year, based on the median range of a review of several B.C. municipalities.

The review included Campbell River, Esquimalt and Oak Bay.

Last year, the City budgeted $187,000 for council remuneration.

Jangula made $51,400 and each councillor made $22,100 a year.

Coun. Bob Wells noted the review showed that Jangula’s salary is significantly lower than mayors in other jurisdictions, in terms of the median.

“This is a difficult one for me,” Jangula said. “I’ve been criticized that I have conflict and that I can’t vote on this issue or speak on it. If that’s the case for me, when you (councillors) come around to council remuneration, you can’t do it either.”

It’s been eight years since the City reviewed its compensation policy for elected officials. CAO David Allen suggested a review every four or five years, which would tie into a civic election.

Council agreed to review the policy during the final year of its term.