Cumberland council moves forward with two cannabis retailers

Cumberland council moves forward with two cannabis retailers

Beaufort Botanicals and TRUGreen Solutions Inc. will be directed to fill out TUP applications

At their Monday meeting, Cumberland council chose their top picks for potential cannabis retailers in the Village.

A Request for Proposals for the retail sales of Cannabis was issued at the beginning of October and the Village received three submissions by the Nov. 5 deadline.

Out of the three potential proponents, council directed staff to approach Beaufort Botanicals and TRUGreen Solutions Inc. and instruct them to fulfill a Temporary Use Permit application package. Once filled out, the TUP application will be brought back to council for review.

The proposed location for Beaufort Botanicals is 2703 Dunsmuir Ave, and the proposed location for TRUGreen Solutions Inc. is 3276 Third St.

Back in June, council approved a maximum of two retail outlets within the Village with Temporary Use Permits lasting three years with the possibility of a three-year extension. However, at Monday’s meeting, Coun. Jesse Ketler said she would prefer to start off with one retailer.

“I was personally leaning towards just having one because it is a sort of pilot that we’re using, so it would be nice to test the waters with a single shop and see how that goes,” she said.

Coun. Sean Sullivan countered, saying two businesses provide more competition.

“I personally would like to go for two, I mean, this has been made legal in the country so we’ve been going through this process for several years now, so I don’t think it’s a surprise to us or anybody in the Village,” he said. “I think two provides more competition and allows the two to regulate business that way and maybe that would bring prices down for consumers.”

Each proposed retail store location is within the Village Core Commercial Mixed-Use Zone, located more than 50 metres apart from each other and more than 150m from any school.