Cumberland has renewed a temporary use permit for a Third Street cannabis retailer. Photo by Mike Chouinard

Cumberland has renewed a temporary use permit for a Third Street cannabis retailer. Photo by Mike Chouinard

Cumberland extends temporary permit for cannabis business

With three-year renewal, applicant still has option to apply for rezoning

Cumberland’s council has agreed to extend a temporary use permit (TUP) for a cannabis retail shop on Third Street.

Initially, it had agreed to the temporary permit for Trugreen Solutions, or Trugreen Cannabis, in 2019 with an option to renew for another three years. This would give the applicant time to work toward rezoning for the site.

At the time, members of council felt the temporary nature of the permit would allow them to proceed cautiously on allowing cannabis-related businesses.

“We were in the unknown territory when this all started,” Mayor Leslie Baird said.

They chose Trugreen as one of the proponents for a local cannabis licence in November 2018, which allowed the business to apply for the TUP.

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As staff noted, the business has complied and there had been no bylaw complaints related to the operation since Trugreen opened its doors at 3276 Third St.

“The applicant has met all requirements of the TUP, the heritage alteration permit and the business licence,” planner Meleana Searle told council.

She added that the applicant had made a priority of using local companies for services such as web design and marketing, hiring locally and paying living wages. As well, she pointed out the temporary permit allows for spot rezoning, which staff said could take up to a year.

“We have talked to the applicant about rezoning,” she said.

Searle also noted the pending review of the community’s official community plan.

Since it opened, council members said the company had proven to be a “successful partner,” and that the temporary permit encouraged this outcome. Council then approved the renewal of the three-year licence.

“Having that trial period gives us more confidence when there is an application for rezoning,” Coun. Jesse Ketler said.

The original TUP was granted in May 2019 and the business licence in July 2020.

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