CVRD completes sale of Harmston Avenue land

Area to be site of new regional office

  • Mar. 7, 2017 12:00 p.m.

The Comox Valley Region- al District (CVRD), City of Courtenay and School District 71 successfully completed the sale and exchange of land as part of the tri-party agreement by the closing date of Feb. 27.

In the first phase of this tri-party agreement the CVRD purchased a vacant piece of land, on Harmston Avenue, from SD71 upon which a new regional office will be con- structed.

In a second phase, which will happen in 2021, the CVRD will purchase the adjacent property

occupied by the SD71 admin- istration offices.

The school district will have the option to remain at this lo- cation with a 99-year lease from the CVRD, or move to a new office at a different location.

By securing these two prop- erties, the CVRD will be able to construct a new office and ensure adjacent property is available for future local gov- ernment uses.

The total cost to the CVRD for the acquisition of the land will be $1.2 million, with a value of $365,000 assigned to prepaid rent for a long-term lease to SD71 to permit the school district to remain on the phase two land.

As part of this agreement, there will also be a land ex- change between the City of Courtenay and SD71 to secure Harmston Park as City-owned land.

“Successfully meeting all the closing requirements provides the CVRD security moving forward with the Civic Cen- tre – regional office building project and ensures continued service offerings to residents in the future,” said CVRD board chair Jolliffe.

For more information on the Civic Centre – regional office building project and next steps please visit civiccentre