Graphic of proposed Union Bay Discovery Centre.

Graphic of proposed Union Bay Discovery Centre.

Directors recommend approval of Union Bay Discovery Centre

The Electoral Areas Services Committee is recommending approval of a development permit for the Union Bay Discovery Centre — the first building proposed by Union Bay Estates (UBE), the company formerly known as Kensington Island Properties.

Located on Russell Street, the centre will consist of two buildings connected by a trellised walkway. One half will be used as a real estate sales centre and offices. The other half will be a café/deli.

The building will feature angled wood columns supporting a large overhang. A mural of the historic Union Bay Pier, or other images related to the town’s history, will be displayed on the building face.

“It’s been a long slog to get to where we’re at right now,” committee chair Edwin Grieve, Area C director of the Comox Valley Regional District, said at Monday’s meeting. “Union Bay has weathered it out, pretty much, without too much development. As far as a coast-side community goes, I could see Union Bay becoming a beautiful community, much along the lines say of Sidney in the lower Island. Hopefully this is just the first step in attaining that (foreshore development).”

UBE’s long-term goal is to build a golf course, a marina walkway, a water filtration system and housing. The residential component of the development will be a maximum of 2,889 units, including carriage houses, affordable housing and secondary suites.

“This could be a very exciting moment,” Area A director Daniel Arbour said. “It’s breaking ground potentially for 3,000 more (buildings) to come our way.”