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Dog found dead, shot in chest in Vancouver Island woods

BCSPCA leading investigation
The area where the dead dog was found is circled in red on map. (Courtesy of FLED)

Authorities are looking for information from anyone who has information on a dog that was found dead with a bullet wound to his chest near a trail east of Lake Cowichan.

Gary Shade, co-founder of FLED (Find Lost & Escape Dogs Vancouver Island), said that on May 8, FLED received a phone call about a dead dog, which appears to be a male boxer/pitbull cross about five years old, that was found by hikers on Hill 60, which is part of the area’s trail systems.

He said it’s likely that the animal was brought there by its owner(s) and purposely shot in the chest because the dog still had its collar and leash on when it was found.


“Taking the time to walk your dog all the way into that area of the forest, then shooting your dog dead and not giving a rat’s ass about what happens from that moment on is the most despicable thing any human can do to another living, breathing, sentient being that deserves your respect, ethical treatment, and your protection,” Shade said on FLED’s Facebook page.

“This boy looked in good shape, his teeth were in good shape and he was not skinny. He had one gunshot to his chest that was very noticeable. Someone always knows something. Someone knows this dog or has seen this dog at one time or another. Like any other animal, this dog deserves justice and the person who shot this boy needs to be held accountable.”

Shade said if an animal is sick or there is another legitimate reason to put it down, there are far more humane ways to have it euthanized than to shoot it in the woods.

The BCSPCA has taken over the investigation and anyone with information on the dog should call the BCSPCA’s Cruelty Hotline at 1-855-622-7722, or call the Lake Cowichan RCMP at 250-749-6668.

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