Gillis seeking second term as Area B regional district director

Jim Gillis will run for a second term as the regional district Area B director, he announced Wednesday.

Jim Gillis will run for a second term as the regional district Area B director, he announced Wednesday.

“Working together is why we have accomplished so much over the last three years,” Gillis said in a statement. “As elected members of the board each of us has only one vote and it is paramount that we find the way to work together. Without co-operation from all members, we would not be celebrating our sustainable plan or our new Regional Growth Strategy.”

He reviewed some recent CVRD accomplishments.

“Together, we signed a First Nation Protocol and recognized the importance of our jewel in the crown — the Courtenay River Estuary. We have developed over the last years the Courtenay River Estuary Management Plan (CREMP). This plan will help to knit all our communities together and will be the foundation to cleaning up the estuary and providing access for the public,” said Gillis.

“Much has been accomplished by working together such as the CVRD purchasing land at the bequest of Courtenay to try and help with the homeless situation in downtown Courtenay. A difficult problem, but by working together and looking for resolution, we will make a start towards helping the homeless,” stated Gillis.

“Finally, a decision has been made on building our hospital and within a month we should have the site finalized. By being prudent we have been setting aside funds for our local 40 per cent share of the $600 million it will take to build the two hospitals. We will have saved the taxpayers millions in financial charges by putting the money aside,” Gillis explained.

He said the CVRD’s top priority is to “get on top of flooding” in Area B and the rest of the regional district.

Other pressing issues, he said, include assisting Courtenay to find a resolution to the downtown homeless site, reducing waste going into landfill sites and getting an independent environmental review of a proposed coal mine.

Elections for the CVRD, Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and School District 71 happen Nov. 19.