Grants top polls in voting for Comox council

In a council race that ended with a mix of old and new, Comox council will see four incumbents returning.

In a council race that ended with a mix of old and new, Comox council will see four incumbents returning, one former councillor and one newcomer to municipal politics.

Returning councillors to the table include Tom Grant who received 2,381 votes, Ken Grant who received 2,366 votes, Patti Fletcher who received 2,320 votes and Hugh MacKinnon, who received 2,082 votes.

Former councillor and regional district representative Barbara Price was elected with 2,040 votes, while newcomer Maureen Swift rounded off the councillor seats with 2,164 votes.

Teacher Dan Jackson fell 31 ballots short of the sixth and final council seat with 2,009 votes. Incumbents Russ Arnott (1,985) and Marcia Turner (1,524) were not re-elected.

Former councillor Don Davis (1,301), Dave Procter (1,277) and Terry Chester (1,164) also fell short.

“I gave it my best shot,” said Davis, who believes the number and calibre of candidates was a factor in the election. “I worked hard for 44 days, and knocked on 2,158 houses. I’m not sure if my legs can handle another election.”

Davis doesn’t believe Comox Valley Common Sense group played a factor in the Comox election.

“If it had, then it would have been all (Common Sense-endorsed) candidates elected. That may have held true, but there’s a split down the middle. Even Common Sense doesn’t make sense.”

Davis said from his door-knocking experience, he believes water meters, fiscal responsibility and the new bike lanes were the topics many voters were concerned about.

He noted it’s not his intention to run again, but added, “I’ll never say never.”

Arnott also noted water meters as a major issue in the election, and added he is considering another attempt at council in three years.

“I will regroup and see where it goes,” he noted.

A total of 10,520 people were eligible to vote. The 4,342 voters represented a 41.2-per-cent turnout.

e-Tom Grant            2381

e-Ken Grant            2366

e-Patti Fletcher        2320

e-Maureen Swift        2164

e-Hugh MacKinnon    2082

e-Barbara Price        2040

Dan Jackson            2009

Russ Arnott            1985

Marcia Turner            1524

Don Davis                1301

Dave Procter            1277

Terry Chester            1164