The historic Filberg Lodge has gotten a fire safety upgrade. Photo supplied

The historic Filberg Lodge has gotten a fire safety upgrade. Photo supplied

Historic Comox landmark gets fire safety upgrade

Filberg Lodge had had alarms but no sprinkler system

As the iconic Filberg Festival fast approaches with residents and out-of-town guests flowing through the historic Filberg Lodge, what visitors might miss while touring the town’s property is the newly installed fire suppression system that adds an extra safety measure.

“Town council recognizes the value of this property from both a historical and day-to day operation perspective,” said Mayor Russ Arnott. “Working together with the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association, we have demonstrated another progressive step forward for our community. This project highlights that even older building and homes can be upgraded with sprinklers to reduce the impact of fire on people, property and the environment.”

Originally, the Filberg Lodge had a fire alarm system but no sprinklers. As part of ongoing work in the community, Comox Fire and Rescue educates on the value of adding additional layers of protection into all types of buildings and homes to build resilience and improved safety. It is well-documented that sprinklers can potentially save not only property but lives too.

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“We play a key leadership role in helping people to better understand the benefits of sprinklers,” said Comox Fire Chief Gord Schreiner. “At the same time, we recognized that the installation of this system had to be completed with very little impact to the look and feel inside of the building – and our contractor accomplished this goal.”

Constructed in the early 1930s, the Filberg Lodge is a 4,000-square-foot residence that features steep gables, leaded glass windows and hand-hewn cedar shakes covering the walls and roof. Inside the lodge there is extensive use of local wood and stone by master craftsmen and antique finishing that create rustic elegance. In 1979, the lodge and surrounding acreage were designated a municipal heritage site. The park is owned by the Town of Comox, and it is operated by the non-profit Filberg Heritage Lodge and Association.

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