Darrell Fox and his brother. Photo submitted
Darrell Fox and his brother. Photo submitted

Darrell Fox and his brother. Photo submitted Darrell Fox and his brother. Photo submitted

Off The Page: Darrell Fox discusses his brother Terry’s Marathon of Hope

‘Terry always compared running a marathon a day to going through cancer’

Off The Page has finished our first season and is on a short summer break with season two set for September. Please enjoy this selection of an encore presentation from our sister podcast, Today in B.C.

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Darrell Fox has been working with the Terry Fox Foundation Research Institute for more than 40 years in various capacities and says they are Seeing more proposals coming forward than ever before.

“So, every day is a great day to be associated and linked to Terry’s legacy,” he said.

When asked on this edition of Today in BC what impact and progress the more than $800 million raised since 1980 has had, Fox said: “If Terry were diagnosed today, not only is there a really good chance that he would survive, but there’s also the possibility that he wouldn’t have lost his leg to cancer.”

Darrell accompanied his brother on the road for the Marathon of Hope, 42 years ago.

“He was he was average in every way,” said Darrell. “He was an average student. He was an average athlete. But look what he accomplished.”

Darrell Fox expects more than 9,000 schools to take part in the various 2022 Terry Fox fundraisers, and expects more than 10,000 events to be held this year.

More than 50,000 pieces of memorabilia from the Marathon of Hope are currently in storage.

“I think we’d very much like to maybe have a few artifacts on display,” said Fox. “But if we could share the artifacts in a virtual way, that is a way as well. So there would be a need in terms of resources.”

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