Scrap metal helps food bank

Donating to the Comox Valley Food Bank is as simple as dropping off scrap metal.






Donating to the Comox Valley Food Bank is as simple as dropping off scrap metal.

Slegg Lumber in Cumberland is now home to a large orange bin where people can drop off anything metal – and full proceeds generated from the scrap will go to the food bank.

Ian Taylor, tallyman at Slegg Lumber in Cumberland, volunteers at the food bank during his spare time, and was integral in setting up the bin at Slegg. He said he’s excited to be able to help out the food bank, and that the bin is there to stay.

“It’s just one of our ways of helping to serve the community,” he said on behalf of Slegg Lumber.

Anything metal can go in the bin including: household appliances such as  dishwashers or fridges, old bikes or lawn mowers and even tin cans.

When the bin’s full, ABC Recycling in Campbell River will come down, pick up the goods and write a cheque for the food bank.

Because Slegg Lumber is surrounded by a chain link fence that’s locked when the store closes, Taylor said he thinks it’s unlikely the valuable scrap metal will be stolen.

The bin is located around the back of the business. People unsure about where to go can ask at the guard house, and help with unloading large items is available.

Slegg Lumber is located at 3217 Small Rd. off the Comox Valley Parkway. It’s open from 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Comox Valley Food Bank Society president Jeff Hampton said he is “very hopeful” that this idea will work to raise funds for the food bank.

“I hope it works. I think it will. Slegg Lumber, the management is very supportive,” said Hampton. “It’s amazing the amount of people that support us.”