Social media bullying campaign targets Comox hair salon

Indigo Lounge gets battered online after firing an employee

  • Nov. 30, 2016 3:00 p.m.

Scott Stanfield

Record staff

A Comox hair salon is the second Comox Valley business in recent weeks to be targeted by a social media bullying campaign.

The first was BiblioTaco, a Cumberland eatery hit by a slew of vulgar comments on Facebook shortly after an employee was fired. The same thing happened to Indigo Lounge after an employee was let go in early November.

Indigo Lounge, which is approaching its 10th year of existence on Comox Avenue, has never encountered a situation such as this.

“Anyone can go online now and give you a bad rating,” Joseph said. “In a small community, it’s a shame that one person can create such negativity to ruin people’s livelihood.”

While he understands people will use the online world to vent frustrations, Joseph feels those who choose to listen to the rants have a responsibility to hear both sides of a story.

“That whole mob mentality starts to brew,” he said. “We can become so violent over social media.

“It’s a wildfire that starts with a spark,” Joseph added. “The full effects of it, it’s hard to tell. You do your best and, hopefully, you can have faith in the community that they know you. It’s a small group of people that makes a loud noise.”


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