Stotan Falls

Stotan Falls

Stotan Falls closed to public access

Tinder dry conditions and high risk of fire cited

  • Jun. 24, 2015 1:00 p.m.

3L Developments Inc. has closed its lands to public access, effective immediately.  The lands comprise 153 ha., encompassing sections of the Puntledge and Browns Rivers, including Stotan Falls.  The closure follows the driest spring on record, resulting in tinder dry conditions and high risk of fire.  The Comox Logging Road (Duncan Bay Main) is closed and signage has been posted at the property boundaries.  In keeping with other private forest lands on Vancouver Island, 3L Developments Inc. is managing access to its lands out of concern for the safey of the public and the environment and to preserve the value of its lands.

Although Stotan Falls is a popular recreational area, the public is reminded that 3L Developments is the owner of the lands, as owner it has the right to manage public access to protect the lands, the public and the environment.