Topham top man on Cumberland pay scale

Mayor cost taxpayers less than $25K, pay and expenses combined

Remuneration for Cumberland elected officials was less than $50,000 in 2013, according to year-end financial statements released Monday.

Mayor Leslie Baird received $14,910, while other councillors received $7,935 each. Baird’s expenses totalled an additional $10,811, with councillors’ expenses ranging from $2,731 for Coun. Roger Kishi down to $989 for Coun. Gwyn Sproule. Total council remuneration was $46,651 and total expenses were $19,661.

Five Village of Cumberland employees earned more than $75,000 last year. CAO Sundance Topham was the sole employee to earn a six-figure salary; his remuneration was $109,273. Other employees who earned more than $75,000 last year were manager of operations Rob Crisfield, ($94,425), financial officer Michelle Mason, ($89,682), public works foreman Kevin Fitzgerald ($81,589), and manager of protective services Mike Williamson, ($80,079).

Expenses for the Village’s top five earners varied from $7,382 (Topham), to $204, (Fitzgerald), for a total of $18,589.

Remuneration totalled $1.2 million for employees with remuneration and expenses of $75,000 or less. Expenses for these employees were $39,026. Total employee remuneration was nearly $1.7 million and expenses were $57,615 in 2013.

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