Two major infrastructure projects planned for Cumberland roads

One on Dunsmuir Avenue and another along Cumberland Road

  • Apr. 6, 2016 1:00 p.m.

Scott Stanfield

Record staff

Major road construction projects are scheduled for the summer and early-fall in Cumberland — one on Dunsmuir Avenue and another along Cumberland Road.

Aging underground water and sewer pipes will be replaced along six blocks of Dunsmuir in the core of the village.

“It needs to be done, as many of the roads in Cumberland need to be done,” Mayor Leslie Baird said. “It’s a slow process but every year we’re getting so many done.”

Improved road structure, including a bike lane, will be provided on Cumberland Road between Union and Bevan roads, resulting in a more defined entry to the village. This is the second phase of road improvements that have been completed from Wellington Street to the landfill.

The two projects will cost about $5.75 million, of which $4.85 million is being provided by outside funding sources — the CVRD’s Host Community Agreement and Building Canada’s Small Community Fund. Work needs to happen as soon as possible to meet grant funding deadlines.

Baird notes that road work is being completed on Egremont Street and at Comox Lake Road. Last year, the bank was stabilized on the latter.