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VIDEO: Shipment of eels gives baggage handlers the slip at Vancouver airport

Creatures spilled out onto the tarmac after arriving from Toronto
Video taken at the Vancouver International Airport on July 7, 2024 shows a shipment of eels that was accidentally spilled during ground transportation. YVR says the eels were eventually repackaged.

Snakes on a plane? Try eels on the tarmac. 

That was the scene at the Vancouver International Airport on Sunday (July 7) when a shipment of the live creatures spilled out onto the hot pavement at the end of their journey from Toronto. 

Video of the incident posted online shows a Styrofoam container overturned partway down an unloading ramp and, just below it, dozens of its intended inhabitants writhing in a puddle on the ground. 

YVR confirmed the eel spill to Black Press Media, saying in a statement that the fallen fish were collected off the tarmac and repackaged.

Air Canada, who made the shipment from Toronto, said the same, adding that they are in contact with the eel customer. The airline didn't comment on the cause, but said the incident was accidental.


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