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Notice under INTERNATIONAL TRUSTS ACT (Bill of Lading RN781365643CA)


Notice is given, pursuant to maxims of law and equity, that the following described property: LOT 6, BLOCK 29, COMOX DISTRICT, PLAN 3139, namely:

Commencing at a point at the southeast corner of the intersection of Endall Road and Sturgess Road thence N. 92° 14’ 59” E. an estimated 5.52 chains to a non-standard round iron post found, marking the beginning of the property line of DISTRICT LOT 6, BLOCK 29 (Plan 691F); herein describing Metes-and-Bounds encompassing a total of 252 acres; thence N. 92° 14’ 59” E. 37.89 chains; thence N. 148° 36’ 12” E. 19.90 chains; thence N. 1° 35’ 5” E. 750.641 37.314 chains; thence S. 92° 52’ 52” W. 8.26 chains; thence S. 92° 48’ 29” W. 40.4 chains; thence N. 1° 30’ 55” E. 53.4 chains back to the beginning of the property line as shown on a Plan titled 3139 at Nanaimo County (COMOX DISTRICT) completed by Land Surveyor W.G. McElhanney of the City of Vancouver on the 25th day of March 1924, deposited at the Land Registry Office at Victoria, British Columbia.

I, Terry-Raymond: Ludwig, hereby claim all right, title and beneficial interest in the property described above and all property collateral recorded with Secured Party: LUDWIG FARM TRUST; under Personal Property Security Agreement Base Registration Number 372369Q. I, Terry-Raymond: Ludwig, am assignee at law and a bona fide subsequent purchaser by contract of the tract of land described by the above metes-and-bounds contained within the original Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Grant number 7434a, and declare it to be my private property (not incorporated into the Comox Valley Regional District and not subject to any foreign, domestic or municipal jurisdiction) pursuant to the supremacy of treaty law as evidenced by a clear chain of unbroken title back to the ceding, severance and relinquishment of the sovereign. I am without notice of a superior, prior, equal, equitable, or legal right, title or interest competent to suspend or confuse my equitable and or legal interest by nature or characteristic to said property.

All written objections pertaining to the ownership or superior claims of trusts and estates, or any activities encapsulated within this notice, should be duly submitted, no later than 30 days from the date of publication of this notice. Please contact Terry-Raymond: Ludwig, mail in care of: PO BOX 63 Stn Main, Black Creek, County of Nanaimo, British Columbia [V9J 1K8].