A debate without May is not a true federal leaders debate

Dear editor,

We are once again about to exercise our democratic rights this year, with a federal election. In the spirit of democracy I trust all candidates will want to ensure all Canadians have an opportunity to hear all federal party leaders.

O.K. even if you don’t, it’s good manners to invite them all. That includes Elizabeth May of the Greens.

There are rumblings the “boys” want the debate to be a “guy thing”.  Well try to remember International Women’s Day. It just isn’t about a Day, it’s about a life, a year, a democracy. To cut Elizabeth May out of the debate will say more about you and your position on women’s rights than anything you say on the debates.

Now please do the right thing and ensure all parties sitting in the House of Commons are represented at the Leaders’ debates.

E. A. Foster