B.C. health care a ‘disgrace’

The residents of this province deserve better respect and results from this government.




Dear editor,

Once again another hospital in B.C. is struggling with an over-capacity of patients with staff trying to give professional care under very trying circumstances.

Is there anyone in government in Victoria or in the great morass of bureaucracy called the Ministry of Health who can show any leadership or initiative at all with regard to the health-care crisis in this province? Why are we as voters and taxpayers paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries to civil servants who seem incapable of making any cohesive decisions.

What has the VIHA, yet another level of bureaucracy, since its inception achieved for the people of British Columbia? Where was the forward planning years ago to deal with the “boomer” situation which was obviously going to happen?

As a resident of the Comox Valley words almost fail me at the ineptitude of the so-called “experts” to do anything regarding a hospital for the residents of this area and the North Island. This has now been talked about for so long, some 15 years I would think, that it has almost become a joke. Imagine the escalation in costs that have incurred since it was decided another hospital was required! Again I say, is anyone capable of making a decision on our behalf?

Health care in British Columbia has become a DISGRACE. We have a small population relative to other parts of the world, yet the system cannot deliver efficient and timely care for patients.

The residents of this province deserve better respect and results from this government, many prior to this and the very bloated Ministry of Health.

Kathryn Turner