BEEFS & BOUQUETS (Week of Sept. 12): Bouquets to Simms Park dancers; Beef to a thief

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YES MY HIGH BEAMS are on and you can flash yours all you want but I won’t be turning mine off. I’m on a Motorcycle.” You’ll claim you didn’t see me but do you really look? Not a day goes by where I don’t see people driving in excess of 20–30 kilometres over the speed limit, the non-use of a turn signal, stopping at a stop sign, running a yellow/red light, driving with high beams or fog lights on during the day, let alone “still” talking on the phone while driving.

A HUGE BOUQUET to the two gals working at Waypoint Insurance in Comox on Saturday, Aug. 26. I had a dilemma in removing old plates from my vehicle and they went above and beyond to try and assist me, going as far as calling one of their spouses to come down and get the plate off. Thank you so much for your professional and caring customer service! Bravo!

A BIG BOUQUET of daffodils to the people in the Oyster River-Black Creek fire protection area. We held two fundraising events, a hot dog sale sponsored by Discovery Foods Oyster River and a head shave sponsored by Reds Saloon in Black Creek. When all funds are in we will have raised nearly $2000. Thank you to all donors and special thanks to the managers at Discovery Foods and Leslie and her assistant at Reds.

IF YOU TOOK the “road less traveled,” would you still give directions to a stranger?

TO THE PERSON lamenting the loss of the Mad Chef restaurant… I am here to let you know that the ‘Mad Chef’ himself is still making burgers in Courtenay… I too was sad to see it close its doors, but then found out from my girlfriend that the former Mad Chef is at Cornerstone. My girlfriends and I go there after work regularly on Thursdays for their slider specials, so we can try them all. Yes…the eye-catching colours and tantalizing flavours are all there as they were before. Now I’m hungry.

A BIG BOUQUET of colourful roses to Adam at Vancouver Island Tattoo. I have waited until I was in my 50s to finally get a tattoo. Adam was very patient with me and designed the perfect tattoo. He truly is a great artist!

A HUGE BOUQUET of the most fragrant flowers to both Audrey and Kathy, who at Simms Park on Sunday evening for the Completely Creedance show, went above and beyond to keep a five-year-old boy totally mesmerized by dancing with him all evening. You certainly made his day. It is something he’ll never forget. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Music really is the universal language.

BOUQUET: On Aug. 17, I was involved in a collision with my motorcycle and a car near Courtenay Recreation. I would like to thank the lady who ensured that I remained still until the paramedic arrived. I have no idea who she is and I didn’t see her face but I would like her to know that I am grateful for her help. I would also like to thank Const. Landers and the paramedics, as well as the doctors and nurses at St Joe’s Emergency.

DELIGHTED to see the resurfacing work undertaken by MoTI, but dismayed to see they couldn’t cover the whole road. They left a dangerous predicament for all users, as cyclists must choose between the loose gravel of the unpaved part or the smooth part closer to the cars. Are we really that poor that we can’t afford the extra four feet at either side?

A supersize beef to BC Ferries for allowing almost maximum capacity reservations on their Vancouver Island to Mainland sailings, particularly the Duke Pt. route. Their official position is that they only allow 40-75 per cent reservations, but that’s not the reality. Even if we’re at the terminal an hour or more advance, we’re still faced with at least a one sailing wait. For those of us who can’t always plan weeks in advance when we may need to travel, this is an underhanded way of forcing us to make a reservation, not to mention the extra cost on top of an already expensive crossing. And I can’t wait until they start enforcing the new closed lower deck rule. The only way to avoid that is to get a reservation, since those are always loaded first onto the upper deck.

BOUQUETS TO THE Potters’ Place (corner of 5th and Cliffe) for continuing to accept donations of quality fabrics for the Merville Grand Mothers’ Fabulous Fabric Sale (Oct. 14). Proceeds of the sale will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to benefit African grandmothers raising their orphaned grandchildren.

A HUMONGOUS BOUQUET for Darcelle, Sandra, Corinne and Tracy at Curves in Comox! You ladies are incredible. You are not only excellent trainers with great personalities, your level of honestly caring for each person and your encouragement is above and beyond! I thank you all for helping me to get back on track with my life, for my benefit – physically and personally- and for helping me stay there! I feel wonderful. A special, heartfelt thank you to Darcelle – you know why!

A LOCAL ADVOCATE for understanding addiction has described drug addiction as those who “have their pilot light turned on.” But it seems those who turn on the pilot light and snuff it out are immune from any justice. While safe injection sites seem to be a popular option, why are we not seeing any consequences for those top-level dealers causing the crisis? And it is a crisis. It will touch many families — maybe yours.

BEEF TO THE person who took a senior’s yellow hand dolly from Noel Ave. This was not free. There was no sign on it. This senior uses the dolly to take her recycling to the curb on garbage day. Please return it.

HUGE BOUQUETS go out to all the amazing people who contributed to the silent auction held for Chris Godfrey’s family, and was hosted by Fluid Bar & Grill. Big thanks to Fluid as well for hosting an amazing fundraiser! The silent auction alone raised $4,060 with an additional $40 donated making the total $4100.

HUGE BOUQUET to the receptionist at RotoRooter. I recently inquired, numerous times about the services that RotoRooter offered as we are new to the valley. We purchased a house that will require a variety of plumbing and drain clearing work to be done. She was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and pleasant to speak with. I can’t even remember how many times I contacted her for information over the last week, but she was always professional and helpful, making me feel less crazy for all my questions. We look forward to speaking with her again in the near future. I enjoyed the laughs. Thanks.

WE AWARD A BIG bouquet to Dominic of Courtenay Plumbing for repairing our solar hot water system. It took several visits and ordering of parts, but he did a great job; very reliable. We recommend him highly for any plumbing repairs! And a beef to the company who provided the solar system six years ago. Never answered phone calls or returned messages. When we finally tracked down the local representative, having seen his van driving around, we were told “we don’t do water systems any more.” Well, why didn’t you say so right away, instead of ignoring us for two months? The whole world is turning to solar power for water heating, but apparently not the Comox Valley.

A HUGE BOUQUET to Ian Blaikie of Cumberland Lake Park. The use of the covered picnic area at the lake helped make our CVGSAR annual BBQ and corn roast a huge success. It was a perfect evening. THANKS!

IS THE Comox Valley Exhibition shrinking before my very eyes? Just a few years ago, it was a vibrant, busy experience and packed with people. Over the last couple of years, the amusement park rides have disappeared without explanation, and many of the exhibits and animals are also gone. In previous years, my boys wanted to go early, stay late and go a second day. This year, we watched a little dog-jumping, saw the lumberjack show, ate mini-donuts and drank lemonade, and we were done. Next year, we’ll just go to the PNE in Vancouver instead.

A BOUQUET OF kayak paddles to the lady at the Courtenay Marina Park. It was my first time in new kayak and the seat back was not adjusted right. When I came back to shore she helped me get the seat and life jacket in better position. You made my paddle so much better. Happy paddling to you.

WHY IS THE speed limit 50 on Comox Road? Because if it was 60, most drivers would do 70. If you are travelling on this non-municipal rural road and there are no cars close in front of you but there are 10 cars behind you, you’re pulling a freight train. Kick it up a notch. Most drivers would thank you.

A HUGE BOUQUET to the young man and young lady who stopped this Monday in Comox to help put a deer out of its misery after it was hit by a truck. It was not an easy thing to do. Nor was it “your problem”, as neither of you were responsible for hitting the unlucky animal. Yet, with kindness and compassion, you did the right thing. It is a comfort to know there are young folks such as yourselves in the world. Bless your hearts.

A ROTTEN, SMELLY beef to those drivers behind me who lean on the horn, telling me to proceed when the lanes are full and stopped. Rage all you want, I’m not blocking the intersection…its a ticketable offence.

A FUTURE BOUQUET going to whoever decides to paint the box at the intersection at the foot of the 17th Street bridge with “Do Not Block” along all stop lines presently there and nice diagonals across the entirety of the box itself.

TO THE WOMAN crossing Comox Avenue on Tuesday morning. Even though I stopped at the four-way stop and proceeded in the correct order through the intersection, I just didn’t notice your crossing the street until I was at your crosswalk. This has never happened before, and I apologize to you for my negligence. It won’t happen again.

GREAT SURPRISE to receive a phone call telling me that I had won the raffle on Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday, Sept. 2! Thank you to the kind lady who dropped off the basket of goodies, some of which had been stored in her cooler until she was able to deliver the prize later that day. There were at least 25 items — enough to share with others. Thank you to all the vendors who contributed to my first prize for the purchase of a $2 raffle ticket. No wonder our family supports the market through all seasons!

BOUQUETS OF SUMMER flowers to the staff of ISLAND CPAP in Courtenay. Thank you Tia for your professional care and for the highest level of service and understanding. Such efficiency from the office staff made my experience much easier than I would ever have anticipated.

LET ME POINT OUT TO THE BOZOs, that town and country neighbourhood roads are not racetracks. This is also pointed out to the large flatbed truck and cement truck that barreled through Wednesday morning on a no through road. Luckily I didn’t catch the names on the side of your vehicles, as you were going at least 65-70 km/h!

A HUGE HEARTFELT thanks to Doris from the “River Gang” at Lewis Park and the hundreds of tubers who end their float down-river at the second set of stairs. Out of concern for our safety she went home, located some sturdy cement blocks and built a more reasonable set of stairs for us all to enjoy. God bless you for being proactive.

TO THE PEOPLE of Cumberland, it has been a real privilege and honour to serve all of you that have received the Comox Valley Record since Oct. 30, 2009. I really appreciate the trust and boundaries that have been established over the years. I am also an animal lover and the greetings I would receive made braving the elements all the more worthwhile while along with a friendly conversation or two with all of you good citizens.

To the staff, and boss, I want to thank you for your years of trust to do this job of house-to-house delivery. I loved it all. The whole time, because it’s always better to make friends than to make enemies. God bless all and take care. I’d also like to thank my husband for all the help he gave me. Without him I would have been delivering late into the day and my lower back would have been out more frequently than it already was.

A GRATEFUL shout out to Craig Lautenberg for allowing Boys and Girls Club to hold their fabric and craft sale at the barn on Headquarters Road. After weeks of searching for a space, Craig graciously came to our rescue. Many thanks to the tireless volunteers and the many donors, and finally, to the customers who helped us put over $3,000 into the account for the continued great work of the club. Well done, everyone.

I WISH TO thank John at security and screening at the Comox Valley Airport. I was quite concerned about taking a computer to Africa. He talked me through the whole process and advised me what to do. He relieved a great deal of stress for this senior. I am sure my grandchildren in Malawi also appreciated John’s help. Thanks, John.

WE (DJ & Sung) would like to extend our utmost gratitude for the professionalism and super job provided by the denturist at the Comox Denture Clinic. When we entered his business, he gave a clear explanation of the treatment options available and associated costs. He seemed to enjoy the challenge of addressing my wife’s difficult structural issue and unusual bite. He also patiently described each step throughout the process. We would not hesitate to recommend denturist Jan W. Lefeber. Thank you so much!

A HUGE BOUQUET to Blinds Bubbles Boutique. We deal with them whenever we need good solid advice on window coverings. Tracy is wonderful to work with. She’s well informed and goes that extra mile to please. John, the installer, is neat and organized and most importantly on time. We are so pleased with the whole experience. Thank you both.

BOUQUETS TO THE two young women, in the obituary column recently, who succumbed to the disease of addiction. You were loved. A tragedy that, if society had stepped in, in the right way, you may have been saved.

The inaugural Island Bug Jam at the Comox Valley Exhibition was a success and many thanks are due. To the staff and volunteers of the Comox Valley Exhibition, thanks for your support and welcoming us to your event! To our sponsor, Comox Valley Volkswagen.Your team was incredible! Your support far exceeded our expectations and was very much appreciated. To Mike and Kim Trimble, without these fine people this event just wouldn’t of happened, and a extra large hug to Kim who hand crafted the wonderful trophies.

Thanks to our participants, who came from far and wide to enjoy our beautiful valley and support our hobby. Finally, to our members (Valley V Dub Club) a small but fierce club who really worked hard to make it all happen.(especially Ken and Denise). thanks to all! and see you next year

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