Big money folks contribute

I will support candidates who best express my values on Nov. 19.

Dear editor,

B. Evans’ letter (following my letter that supports Comox Valley Common Sense) on Nov. 16 suggests that the “shrill response” of the “big money boys and girls of Comox Valley” will shout down anyone who dares to disagree with them and expose those who dominate the current political (capitalist) landscape.

Wow, I have been rebutted by an advocate of class warfare and I have been elevated to become one of the “big money boys and girls of the Comox Valley.” That will be news to my family.

Contrary to the above-mentioned disgruntled letter writer’s rant, most of us “big money boys and girls” simply strive to earn a living and many of us contribute to our community as best we can.

In my case, as one of Evans’ alleged “big money boys and girls,” I supported myself through post-secondary schooling and subsequently earned a decent living in the workplace for almost 50 years. I now enjoy a comfortable retirement and am actively involved as a community volunteer.

That is what our Canadian version of the ‘capitalist’ system has done for me and what it can do for any able-bodied person who is willing to accept responsibility for themselves and not expect a free lunch from an unsustainable nanny state, which Evans is bent on championing.

For those who are not blessed with an able body, our system does provide, and yes there is always room for it to do better. To letter writer Evans, I say shame on you and open your mind.

I will support candidates who best express my values on Nov. 19. They include Larry Jangula for mayor and Manno Theos, Bill Anglin, Starr Winchester, Dave Smith, Marcus Felgenhauer and Jon Amber for council.

W. Hunter,