Caring and sharing lost concepts in our society

Dear editor,

The Occupy movement has been a total failure.

Dear editor,

The Occupy movement has been a total failure.

Too bad the message was not sent by average Canadians who work, or have retired and see the David Hahn pension deal as an example of government out of touch with most of us.

I’m disturbed when local government administrators receive large wage and benefit packages with no accountability to anyone. The silent majority continues to be disinterested.

I too, am frustrated by the extreme left and right. Even in local politics.

The homeless/street people issue is to “too hard to handle” by our well-compensated MLAs and MPs who are responsible for making the laws to address these issues.

What do we do with the addicted people? How about mandatory rehab, and support for those that have mental health problems?

We should start by making homelessness and street living, unacceptable in our society, a society that continues to build massive homes with four- and five-car garages.

It is obvious that this very successful sector can help out with a few more tax dollars.

A society that cares and shares. Isn’t this the message that has been lost?

Phil Harrison,