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Christmas Commen-Terry: My holiday poem tradition – the COVID-19 edition

’Twas 2 nights before Christmas

And we were all grumpy.

This COVID-19 ride

Has been rather bumpy.

No travels afar to dine with our kin,

Dr. Henry’s advice is that we all stay in.

No carol sing-alongs, door-to-door,

Must stay in our bubble, to avoid an uproar.

That 15-pound turkey, enough to feed eight,

Will still be prepared; leftovers are great.

And so I attempt, this year like the others,

A Christmas-type column

For you poetry lovers.

Let’s take a look back,

The news can’t be all bad

There must have been some

Things that made us all glad.

Sue Pyper’s video produced many smiles,

It featured housebound friends from across the miles.

Stay home and stay safe was the message it served,

As we all do our part to flatten the curve.

Residents of The Tides in Courtenay gathered, social distancing intact, to salute the frontline workers for all their selfless efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Erica Farrell

As COVID continued to change all our lives,

The focus turned to our husbands and wives,

Sons and daughters, fathers and mothers,

All those frontline workers, risking their lives for others.

Salutes were the norm, every evening, all spring.

People would cheer, bang pots and pans, sing.

Thanking all those working so selflessly,

To care for the sick and the elderly.

A Comox teen stepped up big-time to help out,

Delivering food to those who ordered takeout.

The young lad kept busy, but made no money,

The service Will Thompson provided was free.

Will Thompson is pictured at the Comox Valley Food Bank. Scott Stanfield photo

The only financial gain was in tips,

But those barely even covered his trips.

Other than what he put in his gas tank

The rest of those tips went to the food bank

The future of Union Bay governance was studied.

Its history was – putting it kindly – quite muddied.

It came to a vote, and by majority

Union Bay will be joining the CVRD.

Chase Petersen had a party, full of hurrays

The parade rivaled that of Nautical Days.

Friends and neighbours drove by with good cheer,

It’ll be hard to follow up that birthday next year.

The YANA Bike Ride was different this year.

People took part, from far and from near.

A virtual fundraiser let everyone partake.

And we set a new record, for the children’s sake.

LUSH Comox Valley had a good season

An increase in gardeners was likely the reason.

So many stayed home and learned how to grow food

Then we all shared the harvest we’d accrued.

The 45th CVCDA telethon

Looked a bit different, but it did go on,

And the community rallied again for the kids,

$96,000 in donations and bids.

Big Little Lions were again a big thing,

Receiving more notice for the way that they sing

They’re up for Canadian Folk Music Award bling

All we can say is ‘good luck in the spring.’

The final two families moved into Lake Trail

A Habitat community where every board and nail

Was connected by volunteers like you and me

So others could finally live, rent-free.

Valley musicians had to find a new way

To create products for which people would pay.

Easy Street’s Annie and Dave started baking

Easy Treats chocolates are what they were making.

Sugar-free, gluten-free, they did everything right.

Their latest creation is a healthy delight.

So you see, quite a lot of good happened this year,

At first glance, it’s been grim, but it’s really quite clear.

No pandemic can keep this community down.

We help one another, for that we’re renown.

“Be kind; be calm; be safe,” says Dr. Henry,

Follow those rules, till we’re COVID-free

2020’s nearly done, what a year it has been.

Now let’s all just sit tight, and await our vaccine.

Terry Farrell is the editor of the Comox Valley Record… and a rather cheesy poet.

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