Clear-cut logging needs to stop

Clear-cut logging needs to stop

Dear editor,

I am writing in regards to logging practices since 2003. The Liberal government under Gordon Campbell exchanged land the companies had almost logged off for Crown land which these corporations actually have title to the land.

They, the logging companies, can clear cut right to stream, rivers and hide lakes that are out of sight. Is there no oversight, no required replanting or paying stumpage fees as a result?

The oldest growth, the Douglas Fir, cedar, are almost all gone on Vancouver Island. We need forests to cool the land and to hold the snow pack and heavy rains. The forests protect the ecological environment for all species, absorb carbon dioxide and in turn release oxygen.

There is also logging taking place in Strathcona Park for many years to the present. The park was designated as for all in eternity. The need for change in logging has to happen, not that there should no logging, but not total clear cuts.

Oversight has to be done now and logging has to be done responsibly for future generations. Shame on the B.C. government.

Bruce Barnes