Comox resident losing sleep — and hating it

Dear editor,
This letter is in regards to the road construction taking place on Guthrie and Lerwick intersections.

Dear editor,This letter is in regards to the road construction taking place on Guthrie and Lerwick intersections.The mayor of Comox and council have decided that it is less important that the tax-paying citizens, of whom they owe their positions, get much-needed rest during the night and obviously feel that rerouting traffic during the day would generate more complaints.This is narrow mindedness is in the extreme and I’m sure that there’s not a town council person or mayor of either town that lives within a kilometre of that intersection so why would they care?To have traffic rerouted would add an extra 5 to 10 minutes to the average commute.Instead of caring about people’s health and well-being, the powers that be in Comox decided that preventing a few extra minutes of driving is far more important.I spoke personally with a foreman at 2 a.m. Thursday, as there was no sleep to be had, and I was informed that it was the decision of the Town and they could work until 7 a.m.There were lots of lights on in homes and condos on my walk to the work site and I’m sure that the people in the homes along Guthrie were getting little sleep that night.I was informed by the person on site that they had been authorized to continue the following night which by my reckoning would make it four nights in a row.Most people work during the day and need their rest at night.It utterly appalls me that the council would be so callous to order this construction well beyond the normal time when bylaws demand quiet hours.As a lawyer, I would have expected Mayor Paul Ives to have respect for existing laws and bylaws, but as a politician — why should I be surprised?Richard Thomas,Comox