Comox Valley Beefs and Bouquets for week of Aug. 27

Bouquet to the piano lady; beef to an arrogant golfer

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A HUGE BOUQUET to D.A. Schaffrick Law Corporation. I cannot thank you enough for the services that Mr. Schaffrick and his staff including Emma and Maiah have rendered in making my last will, power of attorney, and representation agreements. Making a will is an important part of proper and proactive family planning. It also ensures my loved ones will not have to deal with bureaucracy in time of sadness. I am so grateful for your friendly services, dedication, and professionalism.


SHAME ON YOU “trashy” people who think it’s fine to dump your garbage at the recycle depot. On the August long weekend, my daughter and I were appalled by the piles of junk left at the military Canex recycle centre including broken furniture, bicycle scraps, dishwasher and barbecue grill. Do the right thing and haul your trash to the dump, otherwise the recycle depots will close for good and the entire community will pay for your thoughtless actions.


A HUGE BEEF to the passenger in a silver pickup truck with Alberta licence plate driving past me on Knight Road while I cycled towards Point Holmes on the August Civic Holiday Monday about 4:15 p.m. The passenger leaned out of the window, yelled profanities and then ‘flipped me his finger’ as the vehicle drove past. This young man should ride a few thousand miles as a cyclist to learn what it is like to share the road. Anger management training would be a bonus as sadly this behaviour speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. Huge bouquets to all those drivers who pass with distance and slow down to share the road in a calm and respectful way. No journey is worth injuring or harming anyone, physically or verbally, all for the few seconds it takes out of one’s life.


I WISH TO send a big Bouquet to the young gentleman at Cumberland Road and England Avenue on Thursday, August 8. There was a little old lady trying to get across the street and he got out of his car and helped her. I could not believe my eyes because you don’t see this very often. He was so thoughtful. The cars were all stopped at all the corners waiting for her to cross. I wish to thank this young man for his thoughtfulness. There are still some great young people in this world.


I WANT TO SHARE some thanks for a young woman named “Rayna” or “Raina”, an electrical apprentice, who changed a flat tire for us on Forbidden Plateau Road. My friend and I had just hiked Mt. Becher and noticed we had a flat once we got to the paved road. We didn’t have a jack, but when she stopped to see if us “ladies” were OK, she said no problem she had one. She took right over and had the flat off and the spare on in 10 or 15 minutes. So, if you know this person, thank her for us. It’s people like her that make the world better.


WENT TO NAUTICAL DAYS. Awesome as usual. But why is the beer tent Vancouver Island Brewery? We have our own local breweries in town. Isn’t it all about supporting local business? But maybe it’s just a money situation. Well I for one won’t support it. Jason, here I come.


BEEF TO STORES who when you return an item purchased only issue a store credit or exchange and refuse to refund purchase price to your debit or credit card. Funny that you are always recommended to use credit cards as it is better for refunds than trying to get cash back. Not true. Once they have your money there is no getting it back and if there is nothing suitable in the store you have just lost your money so I will stick to shopping at big box stores.


TO THE PIANO LADY with a heart of gold, Dianne. Your thoughtfulness and generosity make this world a kinder, magical, musical and better place. The kids and I want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!


I HAVE BOUGHT firewood every two years for 10 years now. I burn approx two chords a year and buy four chords at a time. I know exactly by measurement how much wood my shed holds. When I buy wood it comes in two chord loads. When stacked out of four cords I only get three and a half chords missing a quarter chord a load. The problem is the wood is not stacked on the truck leaving voids which causes the shortage. People should be aware of this. When I buy four chords I expect four chords.


BEEF TO THE rather arrogant gentleman at Crown Isle on Monday morning. My 11 year old son and I were minding our own business chipping/putting and had been doing so for a half an hour. To stroll up, bark orders at us like you own the place, chip away the balls my son was picking up and then act like the aggrieved party when I called you on it rather fairly summates your character. There were two ways to handle that situation and you chose the wrong one, and given your age one would conclude you have enough life experience to know better. If anyone, anywhere, wonders why the game of golf is in dire straights and has seen participation numbers plummet over the past decade this is a great example of the reasons why. This isn’t Pebble Beach, this is the Comox Valley, let’s try and remember that next time.


WE ALL KNOW that using a cell phone when driving is considered a distraction. I feel that all the campaign posters, large or small, are just as much a distraction to motorists, especially close to and around major intersections. A good place for them would be on the far side of Lewis Park behind the tennis courts or out are in the middle of a farm. Better still, do away with them altogether and just place all their ads in the local newspapers and save money and not filling up the landfill (as one would guess that a lot could end up). A bylaw would be required of course by the same people running for office to make it illegal to do so and know that it will never happen.


BEEF TO THE people coming to social outings after they apply strong-smelling liniment. This causes strong allergic reactions much more than already banned perfumes. Liniments without smell are available in drugstores. Please use it the next time.


WHERE ARE ALL the sani-dumps in the Comox Valley? While many RV sales outlets continue to put so many RV’s on the road,no one is telling their customers that it being able to use them and dump them is getting very difficult in the Comox Valley. We need a few more facilities in the Valley to avoid the long waits.


I WOULD LIKE to extend a big bouquet of thanks to the Church Street Bakery in Comox. I volunteer at St. Peter’s Unity Cupboard across the street and when the bakery has made too many goodies or as in this past Thursday, sandwiches, they donate them to us. We then pass them out to those who need in the community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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