Comox Valley Beefs and Bouquets for week of Feb. 25

Beefs to all levels of government; bouquet to a couple of 10-year-old shovellers

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Record staff reserve the right to edit all submissions, and discard beefs deemed to be libelous or mean-spirited. We will not publish beefs (complaints) about private businesses or charities (those associated with published news articles notwithstanding). Please keep submissions within 150 words. Although the post will be anonymous, include a contact name and phone number, because there’s a draw every week for a meal for two from Dairy Queen. This week’s winner is Betty Clements.


IF I HAD A BOX of medals, they would be given to three honest people of the Comox Valley. As I drove onto Ryan Road recently and I neared the lights at Lerwick, a van came roaring up with a gentleman waving wildly at me. We went through the green light and pulled over onto the road leading to the Crown Isle Shopping Centre, where I learned that my wallet had just flown off the hood of my car onto the usually busy Ryan Road! With sincere thanks, I zoomed off, and I headed for the turnoff to Cowichan, put on my flashers and picked up my wallet which was conveniently lying there! Then on Sunday afternoon, a friendly couple came to my door who, when out for a walk, found my social security card resting on the side of Ryan Road!


BEEF TO CITY COUNCIL. When Courtenay was built way-back-when, the streets were not built to accommodate traffic and the ‘new bike lanes.’ Parking on 5th street is a hazard. When I have parked on 5th Street to go to one of my activities I have had to look over my left shoulder to see if a vehicle is approaching as I cannot open the driver’s door when a vehicle is driving past me. When I’ve gone to get into my vehicle, traffic approaching from behind has stopped to allow me to open my driver’s door to get into the car. The new biking lanes are a hazard and should be removed. I hope others will write to city council as I plan to and complain about how hazardous 5th street is, right up to Lake Trail School: one big hazard just waiting to have a bad car accident to happen.


A BIG SOGGY BEEF to the Town of Comox for the disastrous job they did at the back of Ecole Robb Road field. Not only did they not alleviate any of the drainage problems (aside from replacing the asbestos water mains previously there) they did a botch job of creating a new drainage ditch that is now, after only a few months, being corroded by the inclement weather and destroyed by the school children throwing rocks and sticks and various other debris in it to create “dams.” They put that ugly chainlink fence on the wrong side of the ditch! Several of the surrounding property owners have experienced flooding of their properties, and the back of the school field is more muddy and soggy than ever before. So that’s what our high property taxes get?


TO THE MIDDLE-AGED MAN with the heavy eyebrows and large green truck at Value Village parking lot on Tuesday. I was turning into the parking spot and had my turn indicator on – you came out of nowhere, swerved around me and stole my spot. You did this with an evil sneer on your face. You obviously have no shame so I won’t waste any more words on you.


BEEFS TO THE CURRENT B.C. government for failing to support private investors in housing. Beef to rotten tenants who wreck properties. Beef to people on social media who slam landlords for high rents and not taking pets. Everyone wants to pay rents that were in effect 20 years ago. Homes don’t cost what they did 20 years ago, nor do insurance, repairs, utilities or taxes. Not all landlords are slumlords. Some of us have over 40 years working hard to purchase homes that put a roof over your head. Yes, there is a housing shortage. Landlords who can’t recoup their increased costs due to fixed rental increases are forced to sell – and this reduces the amount of housing available on the rental market, once again adding to the homeless problem. Let’s write the rules so that landlords can feel someone has their backs when the damage begins.


SMOKERS IN APARTMENTS and stratas, please be considerate of your neighbours. While you enjoy your quality of life and habit, you are inflicting the effect of your habit on your neighbours. The smoke seeps through vents, pipes, outlets and walls. Second-hand smoke is very dangerous. Your neighbours, as a result, are not enjoying the quality of life they expected when they moved into their home. Their health is potentially being damaged. They are forced to try to mitigate the effects of this smoke in whatever small ways they can (basically impossible). If you cannot go outside to smoke, the very least you could do is sit/stand by an open window while you enjoy your habit. It is recognized that smoking is a difficult habit to “kick” but try to help your neighbours as best you can.


A HUGE SHOUT-OUT to local artists/painters Ken Kirby and Nana Cook for donating 50 incredible paintings valued between $1,500 to $4,000 for sale to ticket purchasers to help fund the purchase and restoration of the old Field Sawmill site. Although the sawmill provided much-needed employment and taxes for many years, it is now time to return the area to its former glory as an estuary and critical habitat for birds, animals, fish, bugs, other creatures and, above all, salmon.


SUPER BIG THANKS to my 10-year-old neighbors, Cohen and Zack, for helping to shovel my driveway. With my injured knee, [it] means so much! What a fabulous place to live with such caring neighbours. I’m sure blessed.


BIG BEEF TO the person who sideswiped my boyfriend’s gold Honda Pilot in the Walmart parking lot around 3 p.m., Monday, Feb. 3. He’s been on strike since July and the last thing he needs right now is a $500 deductible to get it fixed. Could you please do the right thing and own up to your own mistake. Or are you someone who saw what happened or knows who did it? It happened in the area between the bus stop Walmart’s garden centre. My boyfriend’s ICBC claim is BM26410-2. Thanks!


BEEF TO TOWN of Comox for seriously contemplating the creation of a large-scale residential apartment complex at 695 Aspen Rd in Comox. Information indicates parking for residents and visitors of this complex will be limited, forcing many out into the public parking areas of the adjacent businesses and neighbourhood streets. Is it not realized that this additional congestion may discourage shoppers from continuing to patronize these local businesses when shopping for everyday items such as groceries, pet food/supplies, prescriptions, etc. The original development plan for this area was much more attuned to the ambience and lifestyle of the local community.


BUSINESSES – People send in resumes. If lucky to be on shortlist and called in, why do you not have the decency to let them know they did not receive the job. Rudeness is uncalled for! That person you did not hire is stronger than they looked. Being petite does not mean they cannot do that job they were interviewed for. You would be surprised what they can do! Discrimination is uncalled for in this day and age.


THANK YOU TO the Blackfin Pub for providing such an excellent location and service for a Celebration of Life. We have loved the pub upstairs for a long time but just recently found out about the room available for rent below. The planning help was excellent as was the set-up. The staff made it easy to relax and focus on people.

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