Comox Valley Beefs & Bouquets for week of March 10

Beef to “anti-tippers,” bouquets to various businesses

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Record staff reserve the right to edit all submissions, and discard Beefs deemed to be libelous or mean-spirited. We will not publish beefs (complaints) about private businesses or charities (those associated with published news articles notwithstanding). Please keep submissions within 150 words. Although the post will be anonymous, include a contact name and phone number, because there’s a draw every week for a meal for two from Dairy Queen. This week’s winner is Kathleen Birkett.


LIFE EVENTS OVER the holidays had us feeling hopeless and helpless. Our faith in hope, love and understanding was renewed through the generosity of Trent and staff at Reids. Your kindness brought tears to our eyes and memories in our hearts that we will never forget. Thank you.


HOW EMBARRASSING IT IS to live in a community where the local newspaper is full of beefs from people who don’t want to tip their waitstaff. I don’t know what kind of Unicorn Candyland the tip-complainers live in, but the jobs pay what the jobs pay. The staff doesn’t have any leverage to demand higher wages, and often can’t afford to quit with the hope that they will somehow magically find a better paying job. And I’m happy to tip, and tip well. I tip when I get an order to go. I also tip the person who delivers the pizza to my door. And when the high school kids are bagging groceries at Quality Foods? That’s right, I tip them too. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat others. Sadly, the anti-tippers of the Comox Valley have revealed exactly what they are.


MANY DAYS OFF and light duty for the fantastic ambulance attendants who treated a sore and broken senior in the early hours of the morning. Your kindness and attention to detail did not go unnoticed, and it must have been difficult moving the equipment around in the freezing temps. Also to the ER staff that made me feel comfortable despite my protesting body. Because of your care and kindness I am hobbling around fairly quickly now.


I HAD A SHOWER stall installed by a local plumber and even to the untrained eye the work, although expensive, was less than tradesman quality. Hired Scott Gurney of Paramount Plumbing and Gas to overview his competitor’s work. Scott immediately identified the deficiencies and corrected the sloppy workmanship. If you need new or repair plumbing I highly recommend Scott who provides tradesman quality work at a fair price.


TO THE BLUE Honda Fit driver with the “N” sticker on the back thanks for not stopping after you ran into me on the 5th St. Bridge Sunday afternoon. Cars are restricted from passing cyclists on the bridge if you were not aware. You owe me a new mirror at the least.


DOING A SPRING CLEANUP does not mean putting your two couches on the curb. I witnessed you and helper exit your driveway, turn left and deposit your eyesore on the Arden Road curb. Take some pride in your neighbourhood and don’t make your garbage someone else’s problem.


BEEFS TO THE PROPOSAL for the development beside QF in Comox. The artist’s rendering of one of the proposed four four-storey buildings, that is repeatedly shown across various media publications, seems rather deceiving. Painting the top floor of the building white (to make it appear to disappear into the clouds in the background), and surrounding the building with extensive mature landscaping which could take years to develop (if it is ever even put into place that way), and adding a couple of people strolling around (as opposed to the hundreds of people that will actually be added to the community), seems very far from what the actual experience of stuffing that lot with four four-storey buildings will be like to live with day to day forever. If there’s going to be development at 695 Aspen Rd. in Comox, let’s do it right, with careful thought and consideration given.


A HUGE BOUQUET of thanks to Roxanne and staff at the Fanny Bay Inn, the Baynes Sound Lions Club and the many others who contributed so generously towards my recent medical expenses. I am humbled and overwhelmed with the generous spirit in this community and beyond. Thank you so much to all who made donations, bought raffle tickets, and came out to the fundraiser to offer your support. Words cannot come close to expressing how deeply I appreciate what you all have done for me. I am so very fortunate to live in such a great community.


THANK YOU TO the couple that rescued my dog that had escaped from the house. For taking her in and calling the SPCA with information where to find her. Am so grateful. Thanks again.


A BIG BOUQUET TO Complete Auto in Comox. I didn’t have a car wheel problem, I had a problem with my dogs wheel chair and I couldn’t get one of the wheels off so I could flip it to even out the wear on the tire no matter how hard I tried. I took it to them and they were able (with some difficulty) to get the tire off. Probably not every day they get to help out with a doggy wheel chair. Did this at no charge. My dog and I thank you very much.


MANY THANKS TO Patrick at Willy’s Collision, who expertly repaired my car, after it “kissed” another one, recently; and also much gratitude to my dear friends residing on Evergreen Place in Courtenay, who watch out for me and who helped me in various ways through my recent string of mishaps. My sun is shining again!


YUMMY. VERY WELL SATISFIED at and with the latest cafe to open in downtown Comox. The food at the Tidal Café is exceptional and the service from Kat, Frankie and Laura is welcoming, warm and attentive. The owner’s knowledge of food and nutrition, and her dedication to quality, are self-evident. It’s become my favourite breakfast/brunch eatery in the Valley.


I WANT TO SEND OUT a copious quantity of bouquets to Sandra Viney and the staff at Atlas Cafe. I absolutely love your restaurant. The food and atmosphere are hard to match. I had an incident at the restaurant recently and was completely overwhelmed at the level of service and true concern Sandra and her staff showed towards me. It was refreshing to see the way Sandra dealt with the incident, which was was no fault of the Atlas Cafe but one of their suppliers. Both Sandra and the supplier, Louis of Krinos Foods Canada Ltd, were very attentive and helpful which ended with a solution to the issue that was more than satisfactory. Thank you Louis and Sandra for the exemplary service. I would recommend Atlas Cafe to anyone I talk to.


A HUGE BOUQUET TO the couple who generously paid for my dinner at the Kingfisher upon overhearing that I was dining alone just two weeks after my dear husband’s passing. It was such a lovely setting and yet as other couples celebrated delayed Valentine’s Day moments with loved ones, it was a particularly sad evening for me. The server, Roxy, was so sensitive and warm that evening too. I would just like to say thank you to the anonymous couple and it made me think of my dear husband as it was a gesture that he would have so easily made.


TO THE CRANKY PERSON worried about the boys wearing T-shirts into the pool, you must lead a charmed life if this is worthy of a letter to the paper! Many people have issues with their bodies and are uncomfortable exposing their torsos. Why do you assume their T-shirts are not as clean as your swimsuit? Live and let live people and be kind!

Beefs & Bouquets

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