Comox Valley Beefs & Bouquets, Week of March 20

Bouquet to the government; beef to recycling program

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BOUQUETS TO the B.C. NDP for their stand on Kinder Morgan. Remember the sinking of the Queen of the North? Twelve years ago and B.C. taxpayers are still paying for this. Oil companies need to be accountable for their products and governments need to do this with legislation. This has nothing to do with the carbon issue, but accountability. A lack of accountability sank the Queen of the North. The B.C. NDP have it right on the oil tanker issue.

KUDOS TO CURTIS Belsham and his buddy Dave for restoring the drainage ditches alongside some frequently waterlogged sections of the horse-bike trail lining the March Road and Loxley Road areas of Seal Bay Park. It is great to see Curtis now back spreading gravel to improve the surface of the trail.

BOUQUETS TO BENNETT’S Heating of Courtenay and to Pacific Energy of Duncan for standing by the quality of their products nearly 10 years after purchase by replacing cracked glass on our woodstove without charge.

A BEEF TO Courtenay’s recycling program that doesn’t accept glass in the blue bins (do you think it’s driven to a recycling centre or maybe just thrown into the garbage?) and it doesn’t accept recycling material in large clear plastic bags! Many other cities do accept recycled material in clear bags and their recycle rate is much higher. And the fact that recycling is only every other week with garbage once a week? Seriously? Other cities have inverted that routine so recycling is weekly and garbage is every other week. What an incentive to begin a home recycling program: reduce your household garbage and reduce our landfill site.

A BOUQUET TO the driver of a black SUV on Anderton Ave. about 10 a.m. a few Thursdays ago. I’m sorry. I probably startled you when I slid through the stop sign on the First Street hill. I had started to skid as soon as I touched the brakes and I figured my best option was to straighten out then continue left on Anderton. I was going slowly, had geared down, and was in four-wheel drive but I couldn’t stop. I pulled over and got a hold of Courtenay Public Works, who promised to send someone right away to check the hill. It was pretty icy at that time.

JUST A LITTLE stale beer to the bar that advertises the same monthly specials every month. The same 15 pack for the same “great” price. The same two beers every month. By mug or by jug. It’s always the same “deal.” Here is a word of advice; when you advertise the same monthly special every month, it’s no longer a monthly special. It’s called your normal prices.

MANY GRATEFUL THANKS to the local civic workers that have been clearing our roads, sidewalks, and walkways. You have had to give up family time (especially around Christmas) to make it safe and easy for the rest of us. You guys are great!

MANY ATTENTIVE NURSES, and a good hospital stay, to those drivers who insist on holding one hand on the steering wheel at 12 o’clock (or a dog on your lap). Don’t you know that if your air-bag is triggered, your arm (or your dog) will be crushed into your face? I hope your facial reconstruction goes well.

BEEF TO THE WOMAN on Keeneland Avenue who took the plastic storage containers out of my recycling box last month. This was not yours to take. It is the property of the recycle company. If I had wanted you to have them, I would have put them on your porch, along with all the other junk.

AN UNINFORMED BEEF to the senior lady who wrongly told me that I wasn’t allowed on our local track with my jogging stroller as I entered. If you had read the sign as you walked down the accessible ramp, you would notice that you were mistaken. Yet, you continued to yell something at me as I politely thanked you and continued on with my sleeping baby. You were crotchety on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning after a nice walk and chit chat with your friend so I would hate to run into you on a bad day. Please read the applicable sign so your next victim may not be someone in a wheelchair.

DEAR HAIRDRESSER: IN case you are wondering why you didn’t get a tip, and why I and my friends/family will no longer go to your salon, here is why; if you had been paying attention, you would have noticed that the dryer I was under had clicked off. I heard everything you said to your coworker: “Jeesh, why do I get stuck with the old ladies all the time?” and, “Look at the woman I am doing, she is so ugly and really, should just put a bag over her head!” and lastly, “No wonder men desert women her age and go for the younger ones.” I am only 50 years old! Shame on you for being so disrespectful and downright mean. I would give anything to be young or beautiful, because humans see better than they can think. By the way, you should really look in a mirror.

A HEART-FELT thanks to the couple in the red car that turned around and returned to help me when I fell on the ice. I managed to right myself with the help of my daughter, but your concern and kindness was no less appreciated. May our communities continue to grow in kindness.

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