Comox Valley Beefs & Bouquets, Week of May 8

Comox council gets a bouquet. Trump supporters get a beef. Snowbirds get both.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH to Justin from Muchalat Construction, who came to my assistance on the Inland Island Highway a few Wednesdays ago. Long story short, I had a blown tire, cross threaded donut spare, and a blown windshield. I could have sworn it was a Monday. Thanks Justin for assisting me late in your day. Our dress rehearsal was a success because of your passion and selflessness.

BOUQUETS TO COMOX COUNCIL for letting the smoke settle on pot sales in this fine seaside town. Meanwhile, ban those wood stoves!

BUBBLY BOUQUETS TO Doctor Charmaine Enns, who noted that alcohol consumption and hospitalization as a result are on the rise in the Valley. Another legacy of the BC Liberals, and soon, thanks to the federal Liberals, a pot outlet in every neighbourhood. Hang on, ER responders! ICBC rates have only just begun to climb.

A BIG STINKY BEEF to all the closet Trump supporters in the Comox Valley. We’re having a constant stream of pro-Trump rallies in Canada and they need to stop before it’s too late. The problem is that these rallies are disguised as anti-pipeline rallies. These anti-pipeline protesters are supporting Trump and his Make America Great Again policies. This blatant Pro-Trumpism needs to stop. The lack of pipelines in our country forces Canada to sell its crude oil to Trump at a reduced price, after which we are forced to buy our oil back again at full price. Trump is laughing all the way to the bank with the windfall profits he’s making off of our anti-pipeline protesters.

THE COURTENAY LIBRARY is a busy place with a steady stream of clients. Yet they’ve put a lock on their three-stall bathroom with one person at a time using the key. The lock is not just a ridiculous inconvenience. Apart from having to wait for the key, when does impatience become a concern — 5, 10, 15 minutes? When the person inside doesn’t emerge? It’s clearly a safety hazard. The lock clearly delays medical help to anyone in distress. Please rethink the locks.

THE SNOWBIRDS WERE back! I had the pleasure of watching them again whenever I was outside. Their formations were beautiful and I got a great deal of pleasure as I watched them flying our Comox Valley skies. I always look forward to looking skyward for the many days of their training in our beautiful Valley.

I WOULD LIKE TO give a huge bouquet of appreciation to all of the indispensable instructors who lead the aqua fit classes at our recreation centre pools. Because of your dedication and efforts several times each week, hundreds of seniors in our community get to benefit from an upbeat, aerobic, yet easy on the joints dance class in the water. I know I am benefiting significantly from the classes, and I’m certain many others are as well.

AN F1-SIZED beef to the Snowbirds. They used to have a rehearsal schedule it seemed. This year they seemed to fly all day whenever they wanted, louder than ever. When I thought they were finally done, I put my baby down for a nap and they started again! It never ends. For all of you that want to beef back at me, save your breath. I know the Snowbirds are here every year but it has gotten worse.

ANOTHER BEEF regarding the person who feeds crows in the Lancaster Heights area. I realize there was a previous beef in this column from someone complaining about feeding the crows peanuts and the fact that the shells were ending up in the eavestroughs. In recent months, this is no longer a problem and I can only imagine that the crow feeder has stopped using peanuts.

However, because of the increasing and inordinate number of crows still in the area, I surmise he is feeding them something else. This is not a natural phenomenon for a residential area and the resulting amount of bird excrement on the roof, driveway and car is gross and unhealthy. Crows are smart birds and can find enough food without daily handouts to attract them even more, and I for one would appreciate letting nature take its course.

A COMPLIMENT AND A request to Comox council from a Comox senior. The new waterpark has brought the marina back to life with young families visiting it regularly. For us seniors, it is delightful to see children playing and remember our own. And it’s nice to see the new sail buildings in use by community groups. One request: please do not bring back the pianos to the marina park. The intentions are good, but trained musicians rarely if ever play on them. Instead, kids hammer out chopsticks, which becomes annoying to those who enjoy the quiet ambiance.

A HUGE BOUQUET of spring flowers to the awesome dedicated nurses in the cancer/chemo unit of our beautiful new Comox Valley hospital. You gals make your patients feel so cared for in such a compassionate and accommodating manner. Your professionalism and knowledge, sprinkled with a touch of humour, brings a smile to our faces. I, and many others, are grateful.

A HUGE BEEF TO the female Quebec judge who banned a Muslim woman from her courtroom for wearing a scarf. Those who I presume are also banned from this courtroom would include Catholic nuns wearing wimples, Pope Francis, who wears a covering, Sikhs who wear turbans, and Jewish men who wear yarmulkes.

A HUGE BEEF to a care home in Duncan that switched a patient’s dearly beloved cat for a robot stuffy. If cats aren’t allowed in the care home, residents should be told honestly instead of playing childish deceitful games. If the staff member who is allergic to cats has any family members or roommates living at his or her home, they should all be removed and replaced with robot mannequins.

BIG BOUQUET OF roses to Black’s Cycle in Comox. They are always very friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable about anything and everything related to cycling. I would highly recommend going there for anything cycling related.

I MOVED TO beautiful Courtenay four years ago. I love it here but am in wonder as to why there are no dog parks. I live near a small park where dogs must be on leash. It’s difficult to exercise a large energetic dog on leash so I let him off, like so many other dog owners do. Wouldn’t it be nice for people to be able to walk to a dog park and just let their dogs do what dogs do, run and play?

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