Courtenay campsite commenter lacks credibility

Dear editor,

It was interesting to read Mr. Brian Charlton's public apology concerning his public letter attacking a Courtenay resident.

Dear editor,

It was interesting to read Mr. Brian Charlton’s public apology (Record, April 1) concerning his public letter attacking a Courtenay resident who was critical of recent actions by Couns. Leonard and Hillian concerning the Maple Pool debacle.

As many of us already know, Mr. Charlton has been head cheerleader for the two councillors for some time as evidenced in his Council Watch publications. It’s easy to see then that his latest letter to the editor reads more like much of what he has been peddling in the local media for some time now.

He ends his “public apology” by stating that he “stands by the contents of my letter.”

He singles out Ronna-Rae Leonard and Doug Hillian as two people who have worked to resolve the housing crisis for all homeless citizens of the Comox Valley, not just those at Maple Pool. He goes on to say that the recent criticism that has surfaced in our community of Courtenay council and specifically Couns. Leonard and Hillian was “unfair and unproductive.”

Apparently Mr. Charlton knows something the rest of our community does not.

Has he been privy to the secret discussions and secret votes taking place at City Hall? Does he really know how they voted and what their actions behind closed doors have been?

Or is he simply speculating again as he has done in the past?

And what about the Comox Valley Housing Task Force that has been chaired by Coun. Leonard and all of the funding that appears to have been spent on studies, forums, meetings, administration and logos? Does that constitute “helping the homeless?”

Leonard’s recent quest for even more funding have either been turned down or deferred by local governments presumably worried and concerned about her group’s past spending priorities and practices, not to mention their ineffectiveness in delivering real, meaningful and tangible results for the homeless in our community.

No, Mr. Charlton, unfortunately once again your public comments lack credibility.

Paul Deeton,

Comox Valley