Courtenay campsite owners grateful to supporters

Dear editor,

We thank you so much.

For so many years, my husband and I have been on an incredible learning journey.

Dear editor,

We thank you so much.

For so many years, my husband and I have been on an incredible learning journey.

This small community at Maple Pool (Campsite) sits at a corner of the valley quietly by itself, and there must be a reason that draws people to this particular place to live or wait for transiting to the next stop on their journey.

Most of those who live here not only say “hello” to each other as

neighbours, but also know each other as more than just acquaintances. A few people choose to stay inside their homes silently, because the “social culture” is very difficult to them.

We thank so many people in the Valley who send their concerns and  who are generous to the people who live at Maple Pool; people like the students of École Robb Road Elementary, who collected clothing; River Heights Church, who prepared the Christmas dinner for people living at Maple Pool; Cindy’s family, who brought many socks, and some gifts to the lady who cannot afford to buy for her grandchildren.

Hot Chocolates, who brought the ice cream and cheesecake for the End of Season Soccer Program; the outreach workers of several organizations; and the letters or opinion writers who expressed

support — thank you to you all.

Thank you also to those who choose to remain anonymous, who sometimes drop off bread or other stuff, or who just want to help, and to the group of people who have donated time and knowledge to help.

Countless thanks from DaLi and me; we do appreciate the kindness and support from all of you. To Clive and Maggie for bringing the friendship to us and the caring to the people at the campsite: we salute to you from bottom of our hearts.

My husband and I are still  learning from many people who live or have lived in the Maple Pool community — what an adventure it has been for us.

People who are having issues with social benefit systems, some with drug issues or so-called addictions, and all the unfamiliar surroundings.

Both of us were so clueless at the beginning. Slowly, we learned and understood that we cannot solve all the problems, but we can at least do our best to try to make a difference.

‘Respect’ is the word that I like to use, and I feel that most of the people at Maple Pool do show their respect to DaLi and me. I have heard less coarse language over time, and fewer unpleasant incidents have occurred.

The feeling is wonderful when we live in a friendly environment.

For people living in the Valley who are marginalized, I believe the right way to deal with the situation is by caring and education, not

discrimination. At the same time it is important that they learn how to choose a better route to go on their life journey, because they have responsibilities, too.

We thank everyone who has played a part in helping encourage them and helped guide them on their journey.

We wish all the best to readers and their families and hope we all have a peaceful new year!

DaLi and Jin Lin,