Editorial: Beefs returning to Beefs & Bouquets

Editorial: Beefs returning to Beefs & Bouquets

The readers have spoken, and the Comox Valley Record listened.

Beefs will return to Beefs & Bouquets.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Record editor Terry Farrell made the decision to turn the ever-popular Beefs & Bouquets page into “Only Bouquets,” giving people a chance to prop each other up with positive messages, amid all the doom and gloom of COVID-19.

“We can resume publishing beefs once a sense of normalcy returns. For now, let’s partake in positive reinforcement,” he explained.

Apparently now is that time.

A recent web poll asking for advice on the future of Beefs & Bouquets revealed that 46.5 per cent of respondents wanted beefs to return to the Beefs & Bouquets page.

Thirty-seven per cent wanted the page to remain as “Only Bouquets,” while 16.5 per cent wanted to see the page dropped altogether.

(Farrell was hopeful that the latter two groups could, in true B.C. fashion, form an alliance, but Record publisher Keith Currie over-ruled, and declared the poll results to be binding.)

So, bring on your beefs.

Here’s a little refresher on the process.

Record staff reserve the right to edit all submissions, and discard beefs deemed to be libelous or mean-spirited. We will not publish beefs about private businesses or charities (those associated with published news articles notwithstanding). Please keep submissions within 150 words. We will also not accept beefs in response to Letters to the Editor. We will not grant anonymity to complain about a “signed” opinion. If they have the courage to attach their name to their opinion, we expect the same in response.

Please email your submissions to BandB@comoxvalleyrecord.com