EDITORIAL: Some honesty at last in B.C. election campaign

At least the NDP are being honest about how they’re going to mess up B.C.’s economy.

At least the NDP are being honest about how they’re going to mess up B.C.’s economy.

The Liberals, particularly leader Christy Clark, have indulged in exaggeration and misdirection in spraying their spin so far during the campaign.

For instance, Clark is mocking Adrian Dix as the $3-billion man – based on what she claims is the sum of the NDP leader’s campaign promises.

CBC News researched Clark’s claim and determined her math is faulty.

Dix didn’t inspire confidence with his response, though, stating the NDP is promising “only” $2 billion in extra spending over three years.

That still fuels a concern that the NDP will increase the province’s already-sizeable debt.

Further casting doubt about their ability to manage an economy, the NDP oppose virtually any resource-focused project to generate revenue to pay for their increased spending.

The Liberals’ “balanced” budget is a daring bluff in which the party hopes British Columbians don’t see it for the pie-in-the-sky document it is.

Clark twists the truth when she claims she’s already balanced the budget and when she insists at least one credit rating agency agrees with that statement.

Still, British Columbians have alternatives, don’t we?

The provincial Conservative party has sacked four candidates in the past week or so, sparking memories of their Keystone Cops convention late last year highlighted by a revolt against leader John Cummins.

The candidate firings raise serious doubts about the party’s ability to govern this province.

As for the Greens, perceptive B.C. political pundit Vaughn Palmer feels leader Jane Sterk “did herself the most good” in a CKNW radio debate.

Still, the Greens have just 10-per-cent support in the latest Angus Reid poll. The Liberals are chipping away, but still trail the NDP (45 per cent) by 14 per cent, with the Conservatives lagging at 11 per cent.

Will things stay that way? Stay tuned.