Election sign hypocrisy detected in Comox?

Dear editor,

I had to laugh at the letter in last week's paper regarding signs on public property.

Dear editor,

I had to laugh at the letter in last week’s paper regarding signs on public property.

The letter complained that certain councillors (Patti Fletcher, Marcia Turner, Hugh MacKinnon) and the mayor (Paul Ives) have been placing their signs on public property after trying to enact a bylaw, which would have prevented placing signs on public lands.

As a property owner at the corner of Pritchard and Comox Avenue and a supporter of Ms. Fletcher, I can safely say that Patti Fletcher has been very careful to only put her signs on private property.

The flower garden at the base of our driveway, (owned by the public), is inundated with signs all sticking into the underground sprinkler system and none of the signs belong to the councillors already mentioned.

Check it out for yourself.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Couns. Patti Fletcher, Marcia Turner, Hugh MacKinnon, Russ Arnott and Mayor Paul Ives for their hard work and dedication.

They are committed to consensus building and teamwork and their positive approach at the council table is commendable.

Judy Wilson,