Evidence clear about North Island College funding and coal project

Dear editor,

I respond to Susan Auchterlonie's attempt to correct an assumption about North Island College and a potential coal project.

Dear editor,

I respond to Susan Auchterlonie’s (director, college and community relations at North Island College) recent attempt to “correct the assumption of a correlation between North Island College receiving funds to offer an underground mining program and the potential coal project at Fanny Bay.”

It would seem to me not merely an assumption when as mentioned before, the course description is posted on the Compliance website complete with NIC letterhead and contact information.

Not to mention the main heading on the Compliance home page — North Island College launches mine training program — with an informative paragraph to follow. Mere coincidence perhaps?

To anybody with minimal observation skills it would seem the evidence is clear.

It is also interesting to note Auchterlonie’s mention of the partnership of NIC and Nyrstar Myra Falls in developing the underground mining program, which very might be very well be true as I have seen nothing to dispute otherwise.

However, there is zero mention of the NIC underground mining program on the Nyrstar website in relation to their Myra Falls operation, which one would think they may want to promote if they are facing a labour shortage.

Something is amiss.

If there really is no such correlation, perhaps somebody at NIC or Compliance can explain the presence of the NIC underground mining course information on the Compliance website?

Jesse Gentes,