GPS has its role…

...but following the scriptures is a much better idea

Dear editor,

We just had an interesting experience with not the latest, but certainly one of the most appreciated, devices of today.

It does not matter where you are or where your destination is, GPS will bring you there…except when there is no recognition signal where you are.  This we experienced when the latest changes in road configurations were not yet registered.

After giving our destination information and waiting for the countdown to 0 seconds, the GPS did shut down.  After trying four times, we started to realize that we were left on our own devices.  The return to the original place of departure was a challenging experience.

Several hours after a safe arrival, I realized the significance of this experience, GPS/reading scriptures.  One is subject to shortcomings, yet scriptures when interpreted correctly and lived by its correct principles will bring you to the destination you desire to be.  There will be confirmation signals coming forward from the Holy Ghost that we are doing fine and that we will arrive at our eternal destination, meaning, returning home where our family members are waiting to greet us.

GPS will guide you most of the time, but not all of the time.  However, living the scriptures do just that.

Ary Sala


Fanny Bay