Grassroots campaign needs volunteers

No-brainer to legalize marijuana way back in the day

Dear editor,

Your paper covered the visit by Dana Larsen of Sensible B.C. very nicely.

I was there and have signed up as a canvasser, which allows me to collect signatures from registered voters.

Although a person has to register as a voter before Sept. 9, one may register as a canvasser anytime during the campaign. So please do so people of B.C., even if you can only bring in 10 or 20 signatures.

My personal story has me as a non-user of marijuana for over 30 years, but back when I was a user I never thought I’d be involved in a campaign like this.

I thought it was a no-brainer to legalize marijuana back then, and not just decriminalize the laws as is the current first step.

This is going to be a very grassroots campaign with no local finances in place, so three months of dedicated volunteerism will be crucial to a successful outcome.

Terry Samuel

Comox Valley