Group urges voters to say yes to referendum question

Dear editor,

There are 300 people who are homeless in the Comox Valley and up to another 3,000 people who are at risk of being homeless.

Homelessness is a barrier to accessing determinants of health such as food, employment, education, social networks and health services. A 2008 study at Simon Fraser University estimated it costs at least $55,000 annually to provide public services to a homeless person – costs that would be greatly reduced if they were housed.

We are a group of nurses in the Comox Valley who care about our community and the citizens in it. We understand the costs not only for people who are homeless but also for everyone in our community if we do not solve this issue.  Please visit our website for more information.

In the upcoming municipal election you will be asked to answer a non-binding referendum question to express your level of support for funding housing initiatives for people who are homeless in our community.  A favourable response does not provide authority to tax; rather it provides local elected representatives with an idea of the community’s feeling on the issue.

We strongly urge you to endorse a $5 – $10 annual tax to reduce homelessness when you vote on Nov. 15. Let’s show our local representatives that we are a community who cares!



Betty Tate RN MN, Trish Sanvido RN BSN, Jessie Shannon SN


Comox Valley Network – Association of Registered Nurses of BC