Harper dismantling everything of fundamental value to most Canadians

Dear editor,

The powerful and succinct letter by Ann Andrews of Black Creek jumped out at us because many of us have identical thoughts.

Dear editor,

The powerful and succinct letter by Ann Andrews of Black Creek (Record, Feb. 22) jumped out at us because many of us have the identical thoughts.

We talk about it with people of like-minds, but don’t go the extra mile to bring a matter so critical before the Canadian public. Thank you, Ann.

We are living in a dictatorship, and the people who voted for this prime minister should start doing some research on their own as to what his government is actually doing, and equally as critical, not doing.

He is dismantling everything of fundamental value to most Canadians; we’re the laughing stock of the international world because of Harper’s lack of concern for the environment and the muzzling of our scientists.

His government spreads (dictates?) the word about human rights in other countries but ignores what is happening to our own indigenous people, and to the growing number of people in poverty, many living in appalling Third World conditions.

A local man, Kel Kelly, has written an article for the January/February Watershed Sentinel, Harper’s Rights Violations Checklist.

You’ll find this magazine around town, or you can go online to www.watershedsentinel.ca and look for the title and author.  For Conservative voters this is a must read.

As well, one of the most egregious acts of the Conservative government is allowing Canadian mining companies to operate internationally with total impunity.

And, since it’s almost RRSP time, here’s a little advice.

Before you visit your broker, this investigative article is mandatory if you’re planning to invest ethically — Canadian Mining Races to the Bottom. You can find it online at www.focusonline.ca.

Because we’ve been helping with projects in Central America for over 20 years now, we know personally what these companies are doing there in their search for wealth to keep investors happy.

To make it worse, our own CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) is complicit in the brutality by tying their donations (our money) to the host country’s acceptance of Canadian mining companies.

More information can be found at www.miningwatch.ca. A warning in advance — these are depressing reads.

So, to all Conservative voters (including some in our own family), please avail yourself of some of the best Canadian investigative journalism at your fingertips — do your homework.

I’ll make it easy for you by listing some of them — www.ipolitics.ca,  www.nationalnewswatch.com, www.rabble.ca, www.aptn.ca, www.huffingtonpost.ca and www.cbc.ca/news.

Go to the new omnibus bill and check out both Bill C-38 on native rights and Bill C-45, the environment bill that has stripped close to 90 per cent protection from most of our rivers, lakes and streams.

Let’s say you live beside the Tsolum River, which has needed 30+ years of work to bring it back to life. Then let’s pretend that a foreign company wants to build a business on the edge of the river.

If our community decides to rally and fight it, blockades and all, the Canadian government can be sued, with the money coming from your pockets. Many Canadians are challenging these bills now — it’s not to late to add your voice.

Stephen Harper feels he can continue to act ideologically, with total impunity, and with a very heavy hand. His politics and actions don’t fall under the same democratic value system that more than 60 per cent of Canadians hold so dear.

Echoing Ann Andrews’ words, wake up Canada! 2015 could be too late to salvage our country.

Rosemary Baxter,