Harper’s uranium deal to India defies logic

Dear editor,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper looked delighted when signing a deal with his counterpart Narendra Modi, supplying uranium to fuel nuclear power facilities in India.

Coming on the heels of Mr. Harper’s strong condemnation of Iran, who is trying to put its own nuclear power program in place, it seems somewhat illogical that he shows such support for India who, along with North Korea, Pakistan and Israel, is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, nor the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Surely, he remembers that India first tested a nuclear device called “Smiling Buddha” about 40 years ago, by using plutonium produced in a Canadian-supplied CIRUS reactor; now there will be seven million pounds of uranium shipped from Saskatchewan over the next five years. Or, is it a tad cynical to surmise that it could be anything to do with the upcoming election, that he has chosen to accompany the popular Mr. Modi on a three-day cross-Canada odyssey to visit cities that have large populations of politically-savvy Indo-Canadians.

Bernie Smith