HAVE YOUR SAY: Business should be priority of elected officials

Unlike those condemned in last week's Have Your Say — including the mayor of Courtenay — I live in Courtenay and my business is in Comox.

Unlike those condemned in last week’s Have Your Say — including the mayor of Courtenay — I live in Courtenay and my business is in Comox. Any objective observer can see that the focus of the Comox Valley, both for business and residential matters, is on Courtenay: the Chamber of Commerce, the new Visitor Centre, the local media, and almost all manufacturing and high-paying jobs — this is similar to Victoria and its bedroom communities and the issues for the mayor of Courtenay are also similar: policing, homelessness, and issues in the downtown core. As a business owner paying triple the taxes of residents (I pay that, too), I believe that the priority of elected officials should be on business. If you do not, then check out Qualicum Beach some time to see a stagnant backwater filled with the imminent dead. Or just move there. I see Mayor Ford of Toronto has called for a property tax freeze for the next three years (National Post article). Is it time for Courtenay or Comox or the CVRD to set an example? You bet! It’s the right thing to do!

Thumbs down to the cigarette smokers queueing up with families and kids to pay for movies. Did not appreciate inhaling your cigarro smoke. Please refrain from smoking around kids. Perhaps the theatre could put up no smoking signs, as this is news to some people.

Recently I was involved with a very severe and devastating accident. I was able to get through this accident emotionally only with the help of my family, BFF and those in their fields of profession and authority. First, Const. Hutt, thank you for your help in managing this accident and explaining the process for me. This along with Sandy from RCMP Victim Services was what allowed me to move through the steps to healing. And, Sandy, you were right, a lot of it has and will be ‘time.’ Lynn from ICBC, your concern and patience getting details and putting in place further help was so greatly appreciated. Diane from Pacific Therapy, your shared tools are still very helpful  My family, thank you for allowing me my privacy in trying to manage and allowing me to cry as needed and the hugs. My BFF, you were and still are so great in my world. Your craziness and laughter is like medicine. And the best doctor, Dr. Lissa Benson. You have been and are now, such an intricate part of our family health team that I feel so blessed for you coming into our lives. Your support, direction and doctoring through this event has been insurmountable. You’re truly the best. Every thing was such a fog and I could not have been able to get to the other side without all of you giving direction, suggestions and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.