In response to the letter about how cyclists should “start” paying road tax. Do you not realize that cyclists pay income tax and municipal taxes and some even own cars.  We already contribute to building the roads and other city infrastructure.  So yes, we have an equal right to ride on the roads just like motorists.

The Comox Valley Bed & Breakfast Association once again was a participant in the 44th Annual Market Days event held on Saturday, July 19 in downtown Courtenay.  The CVBBA booth was manned throughout the day by various B&B owners here in the Comox Valley who were available to discuss setting up a B&B, operating a B&B and generally making B&Bs known to be a viable option to travellers to the Comox Valley.  As part of the event, B&B owners donated items to two gift baskets such as wine, coffee, teas, jams and preserves, gift certificates for accommodation, pottery and other equally generous submissions.  This year’s winners who were drawn at the end of the day were Monica Turner and Jim McRoberts both of the Comox Valley!  Our congratulations to Monica and Jim and we thank all who submitted to our gift basket draw.

Emmy Mcgregor-Lorimer, Rozzie Mcgregor-Lorimer and Jenna Gill of Comox competed in the National Canadian Girl Pageant in Richmond recently, and would not have been able to do so without some fantastic community sponsorship.  Enormous thank-you to the kind and generous support of  Ryan Williams; Remax Realty, Clarkson Photography, Sun Kissed Beauty Bar, Pho Maple Noodle House, Silhouette Dance Shop, Xpressions Beauty Salon, SunTastic Tanning, The Lighthouse Lamps and Lighting, The Pump House, The Holiday Inn, Domo Japan, Dr. Alex Kennedy, Susan Abric and Eby’s Business Services.

I have to say I am very surprised by the doctor who saw fit to name her patient in a recent Letter to the Editor. I am pretty sure this is a serious breach of confidentiality. I read the letter she was responding to, and see no reason for her to name and identify the lady as her patient.

Thanks Anela Kahiamoe for contributing so much to our Valley, particularly for having such a positive influence on so many Valley young people.

Kudos to the oh-so patient employees at Thriftys in Courtenay who endured verbal bullying and abuse from a man who claimed to earn $850,000 per annum and who also said he owned two computer companies. Sir, who cares how much you earn? It does NOT give you the right to bully employees who are sympathetic to your issue but only able to do what store policy allows. You might earn way more than they do, but from one observing the whole debacle, they were the ones with all the class.

A huge shout out to the organizers of this past weekend’s Comox Valley Rally. The whole event was a lot of fun, but the highlight of the day for me was an opportunity in Comox to earn “bonus” points. The instructions were to purchase a bunch of flowers and deliver it to a senior at the Berwick residence. It was heart-warming to see so many groups of people wandering around with flowers and surprising residents. The smiles said it all.

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the dumbest of us all? Fear not Madame CAO, you and Prince of Chairs are safely secure in your titles of Dumb and Dumber. Oh my, to have the public purse pay the 10s of thousands for your behind the closed doors antics only proves once again the Taxpayers of the CVSRD deserve the title “Dumbest of All”. But wait…you have even surpassed that nefarious deed, my frame is still sore from the mirth of your brilliance to convince the Dumbest that the tipping fee raise is only $2 slyly labelling the other $4 raise an access fee not a tipping fee. Hey Taxpayers only 10 bucks now to dump your garbage. Please keep that polish on my glass so I may enjoy the sights of hundreds of tons of trash along the roads of the CVSRD you and your court will create. Dumb and Dumber surely these masterful moves need to be rewarded, how about a self-voted raise or better yet trump that with new four-year terms. My, you look so lovely with that public purse. Oops footsteps I hear, must go!