HAVE YOUR SAY: Maple Pool Campsite dispute ‘all about money’

Followers of the Maple Pool dispute are being led astray. It's all about money.

Followers of the Maple Pool dispute are being led astray. It’s all about money. It’s always about money. Mark my words, and you heard it here first, if the property is vacated, it won’t be long before someone makes a pile of money from it. Town councils are enamoured of in-camera meetings because of that warm and special relationship that so often springs up between small-town politicians and developers, and is best nurtured behind closed doors. Follow the money.

To the gentleman who rescued my little dog, Lucy, running free along a busy street, after escaping from the grooming salon, a massive thank you and enduring gratitude. You did not leave your name, so I cannot get in touch, but I owe you, big time. The groomers are most grateful too. The owner called me after you returned her, trying to figure out how she escaped — it had never happened in the five years of business. Just so glad to have her safe and sound thanks to your concern.

We have prepare-to-stop lights at the bottom of Ryan Road Hill and at lights leaving Courtenay to Royston, so why not have them at Lerwick and Ryan?

I was astounded when I read the small-minded letter from Mr. Zerkee suggesting bikers contribute $1,000 each to build the wooden bridge in Courtenay.  Research has proved that exercise extends life and decreases hospital visits. Perhaps we should charge each person who does not exercise $1,000 to use the hospital.

Bouquets of sweet-smelling flowers to sweeten a sailing teacher’s disposition. His abrasive, condescending manner has discouraged some young students from really enjoying the sport.

I wanted to share with the Comox valley — particularly the “green thumb community” — that Comox valley grows baby bananas! Yes, my banana tree has podded and is having baby bananas in the Comox Valley, so I guess you could say Comox Valley gardeners are bananas for gardening. Alright, a bad pun, but it’s true!

DundeeWealth and St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation would like to thank everyone who participated in the 23rd Annual DundeeWealth St. Joseph’s Hospital Charity Golf Classic that was held June 19. Together you helped us raise in excess of $45,000! This money will support the beautification project at St. Joseph’s. We know for health and healing it is important to have a calm, peaceful environment, a place for gratitude and reflection. This lasting legacy project will include a garden area and space that can be enjoyed for many years to come by the many patients, families, caregivers, volunteers and staff.

My fiancé and I decided to buy a new home a few months back. The bank that we were currently mortgaged through said they couldn’t do anything for us. We found a different bank that was willing to give us the mortgage. We had our bank send us a quote for the payout on April 24. In a very short time his house sold and we found the home we chose to be “ours.” Everything moved along quickly. Almost as if it were meant to be. We gathered everything and made all the arrangements that we were asked to do from people that were supposed to know what they were doing. Everything was all finalized, the house was sold, and we had bought our new house, and were now just waiting for the original bank to send the payout amount to the lawyers. On July 10, we get a call from the lawyer saying that they had received the payout amount, but that there was a problem. The amount of $4,599.39 that had been quoted to us more than two months earlier was now at $12,059.95. We were shocked to say the least. We were set to move into our new home on Saturday morning and we were suddenly being told that we needed to come up with another $7,460.56. We were already strapped to make the deal work for us to purchase our new home. We were so upset and figured that all we could do was back out of the deal as there was no way we were going to be able to come up with another $7,460.56. However we were even more upset when we found out that we couldn’t even back out because we then faced being sued for backing out of a legal agreement. My fiancé gets to the bank only to be told that there is nothing they are willing to do about this. Never at any time while enquiring about our payout amount were we told that the quote would only be good for three months and that after that time it would triple! What is wrong with the laws/policies that something like this can be allowed to happen? They have no idea of the stress that this situation has placed on our family. The thought of them getting away with this, sickens me. I plan to go as far with this as I possibly can so that it never happens to another family again.  We were very lucky that at the last minute our new bank was able to get us another loan to pay this amount, however it does put us in a very bad financial situation. I don’t want to see anyone else go through this.

During Canada Day Celebrations in Ottawa — just as a group of 12 singers began singing “Our maple leaf, our emblem dear; our maple leaf forever, God save our Queen and Heaven bless our maple leaf forever,” the CBC shoved in a commercial of whatever drivel. I would have loved to have heard that song that I have not heard since I was a kid in school in Ontario! Bad move, CBC!