HAVE YOUR SAY: Readers right about their issues

Dancing and hydro top topics in this week's readers' forum.

I went out dancing the other night with a few friends — good band, great company, had fun. The evening was somewhat marred by other people’s ignorance, though. I can’t help wondering why anyone thinks it is OK to go up to random strangers and make wild assumptions. Yes, I know alcohol makes people stupid, but really.

Not one but two women assumed I was my friend’s mother. (Way to knock the shine off someone’s night out.) Why assume any kind of relationship at all? One of them was repeatedly trying to tell me how “wonderful” it was to see me out. I expect my friends to say that! But I can’t see what difference it makes to anyone else’s life if I go out on a Saturday night or not. Of course, the unspoken corollary to that statement was, “Wonderful to see you out (at your age).” I am only 71. Way too young to be congratulated for remaining upright. I have been dancing all my life, go out two or three times a week; it is not really that remarkable. Look at Steve Miller’s grandma — 92 and still dancing! The Comox Valley is full of “seniors” (or as I like to call them, “people”) who walk, jog, run, swim, ski, bike, hike and yes, even dance. Take a look around. I should write Saturday’s comments off to alcoholic ignorance and  let it go except for the fact that it is not the first time this has happened to me, and as I intend to a) grow older and b) keep dancing I can only assume it will happen again. So here’s a word or two of advice to anyone who feels the need to “compliment” strangers: First, engage brain. When two women are together, one of them is not necessarily the other one’s mother. Second, don’t make other assumptions about people you don’t know. I was asked at the recent Bedouin Soundclash concert, “Do you like this music?” Huh? I am not in the habit of buying tickets to see bands I don’t like. Are you? Maybe these people think the “old ladies” should all be sitting at home listening to Barry Manilow or something. I would rather chew tinfoil, but that’s just me. Give me AC/DC any time. Also, I don’t like being asked, “Are you having a good time?” in the same tone of voice one uses to a three-year-old at a birthday party. Here’s a clue — if I am not having a good time I go home. Simple as that. When George Bernard Shaw was asked if he had enjoyed himself the night before he said, “Yes, I enjoyed myself very much — it was the other people I had a problem with.”

It is time that the hydro company stopped estimating customers’ hydro usage, as bills are higher than they should be! Many of us are not using hydro for heating. It is called gas fireplaces. Those hydro bills should be the same as the previous bills. Though it was colder, the baseboard heaters were not used.


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